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How to Be a Happy Camper

NVR Guys

During this road trip, we've lucked out – so far – with top-notch campsites. While we're not doing any backcountry camping this time around (that will come later in the summer), We've snagged some fantastic car camping sites that have been almost as ideal. Are you thinking about getting back to nature with a camping adventure this summer? We say do it!

We hear from a lot of people who resist camping because of horrible past experiences. The campground and campsite you select can make a world of difference. Here's what we look for when making the big "where should we pitch a tent" decision.


Few things are better than a campsite with a view. If it's really good, you'll even be distracted while you are eating your morning oatmeal. Can you even believe that view?

What makes a great campsite


Being away from other campers is key. Look for sites with room and a sense of space. This is most easily achieved if you stay focused on "primitive" sites that provide fewer amenities. Who needs a shower if it means you don't have to deal with crazy neighbors 12 feet away?

What makes a great campsite


Trees are a wonderful addition to any campsite. They provide privacy and block noise from other campers and nearby roads. Plus, trees do a lot to add to the serene vibe.

What makes a great campsite


Talk about a vibe enhancer. Make sure to secure a site that allows you to build a campfire. This fire kept us from some potential problems in below freezing weather while in Aspen. Too bad we couldn't have one in the tent!

What makes a great campsite


Getting a site near water is a big bonus. Nothing beats the sound of flowing water when you are trying to sleep. And, since the really great camping areas have no showers, it doesn't hurt to have some water to splash on.

What makes a great campsite

Oftentimes, you can search out pictures of campsites online. Take the time to do your research. As you can see from the pictures above, it is well worth it.

Get planning!