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Woohoo! We're Getting the iPhone 5

NVR Guys

It finally happened. Letting our guard down after being in hyper-aware mode in Morocco, we were robbed soon after we arrived back in Spain. In fact, it happened at the metro station at the airport. Well... I should say that's where it started. The guys didn't actually snatch anything until we were transferring at another metro station. They were watching us. I know, pretty sneaky!

The thing is, we didn't know any of this until later in the day when we finally realized we were robbed and we pieced things together.


But here's the deal. We don't want to live in a place of anger and frustration. As is the case with nearly everything in life, you can choose your outlook. Our iPhone is gone. In the big scheme of things it's no big deal at all. We were pissed for a few minutes, dealt with the things it screwed up and moved on.

We now see it as an opportunity to get the iPhone 5 (when it comes out!) if we want to. Because, really, what good is dwelling on the negative – in this situation or any situation.

To help in turning our moods around, we also spent a pretty lazy afternoon at the beach. We'll share those photos (that look like they belong in a zoloft commercial!) rather than the photo montage of us with our now departed iPhone in various locations around the world.

Beach day in Spain
Beach day in Spain
Beach day in Spain
Beach day in Spain
Beach day in Spain
Beach day in Spain
Beach day in Spain