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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

It's a Wrap

NVR Guys

We're back home, happily recovering from our last round of travel. Here's a look at some of the standout moments – good and bad – from the last several weeks.Favorite destination

Caanan: This is like picking a favorite kid, but I have to go with the coast of Spain. It was pretty much perfect.

Ah, Spain!

Kent: I agree, but I also can't forget that I got goosebumps from the plane when we were approaching Croatia. That coastline – all dramatic and green – is sensational.

Ah, Croatia!

Favorite ritual

Kent: For some reason, coffee became even more of a necessity than it usually is in our world. It shows up in a lot of our pictures. Those European hotels know how to do breakfast, so – at times – it was paired with champagne in the morning (gasp!). By the way, we loved Croatia but found most coffee there just awful.

more coffee!
coffee and champagne!
Coffee first!

Least favorite ritual

Caanan: In Marrakech, we stayed in the middle of all the hubbub. It was definitely the way to do it, but we needed detailed written directions every time we set out to navigate our way through the confusing streets to a specific destination. I hated that. I also didn't like that we had to be fastidious about not getting overcharged at restaurants. We may be pathetic hagglers, but we won't be ripped off when the price is in print, yo.

directions in Marrakech

Most memorable moment

Caanan: Well, here's a sort of a good/bad memorable moment. This picture was taken shortly after we realized we were robbed. I like that you can see the strain behind the smiles. BUT... this food stand is the place that we had about the best fries I've ever had. They had aioli drizzled over the top of them.

We were just robbed!

Biggest surprise

Caanan: On the topic of food. I was surprised by how healthy we ate in Morocco. We quickly lost interest in the non-vegetarian items so ended up eating vegetarian tajines most of the time. We're usually mindful of staying healthy on the road, but we nailed it in Morocco. We quickly undid that back in Spain.


Favorite meal

Kent: This is a total cop out answer, but I love what this picture represents. In Spain, we got directed to a local hotspot for pizza. Here's a shot of us racing back to the room, key in hand, with two pizzas (and a bag of pastries on top).

dinner in

Least favorite meal

Caanan: It sickens me to say this. Once again, we made the mistake of trying to find decent Mexican food. We can't live without it, so we attempt to find it nearly everywhere we go. In know, I know... when will we learn. After we sat down and ordered a margarita at this place in Barcelona, they informed us that they were out of guacamole. I died a little that day.

What?! No guacamole?

Favorite day

Kent: This one's easy for me. Morocco was sensory overload. The day after we returned to Spain, the weather was perfect and everything was, once again, easy and familiar. We just wandered around the oceanfront. I remember thinking – right when this picture was taken – that I wanted the day to last forever. Total peace.


Favorite activity

Caanan: Our runs, where ever we are, often lead to some cool places. In Croatia, they regularly seemed to take us to the tops of mountains/hills where the best views awaited. Overheated and drooling over the water in the distance, we were always eager to return to the bottom and jump in for a swim.

Running in Croatia
Running in Croatia

More to the picture moment

Caanan: I bring clippers to shave my head. What you can't see in this picture is that the back of my head is jaggedly shaved. The shaver stopped working not long after I started cutting my hair. In this picture, we were on our way to replace it.

What you don't see...

Kent: I was obsessed with getting a shot of this hot couple lit-er-al-ly twirling through the street making out. It was like an International Delights commercial. This is the best shot I got. Pathetic. You can't even see her long hair flying in the wind.

ruined moment

Least favorite activity

Kent: We can tend to push things to the limit when we travel. We like to explore far and wide, so we – at times – get a little lost. That's actually fun. It's not fun when we're too lost (or when we can't figure out how to drive the car!). I remember how happy I was when we found this spot in Lisbon. We had been lost for a long time, and this viewpoint allowed us to figure out how to get back to the ship before being left behind.

Lost in Lisbon

Not what you think moment

Kent: In Florida, before jumping on the ship, we had one of our trademark transition day arguments. We were trying to come up with a clever picture to go with the post we wrote about it. We thought it would be fun to stage a photo of us fighting. Passers-by did not, however, know what was going on, so they did not find it nearly as amusing as we did. Oh, and we never did use the picture.

Fake fighting in Florida

Favorite photo

Kent: I like what this picture represents. That, with today's technology, we could be working from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is incredible to me. We are lucky to have such freedom. I also like this picture because our time at sea is woefully underrepresented here.

Working at sea

Caanan: My thoughts always go back to our photos of the sunsets we enjoyed in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik sunset