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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

We're Avoiding Airline Fees

NVR Guys

This just in. We're heading to Spain. Slowly. We'd rather spend 336 hours on a ship as opposed to 8 hours on Delta.

When our China/India travel plans got derailed by visa problems, the worst part wasn't having to rejigger a new itinerary. Actually, that wasn't a huge deal at all. The most frustrating part – without a doubt – was interacting with the airlines. Generally speaking, they (especially Delta) were so user un-friendly... so not customer centric, that it brought our already low opinion to new depths.

Add to that all of the fees - most notably the $250 change fee – and our take on the airlines is not a flattering one.

So... we walked away. For now.

At sea – avoiding airline fees!

Serendipitously for us, as airfares get higher and higher closer to departure, cruise fares get lower and lower (assuming there is availability). In our airline fueled frustration, we saw an all time low transatlantic cruise fare.

That was that. We're now heading west instead of east. As we can work from anywhere, we've got the luxury of time and flexibility.

A year ago, in Prague, we thought it would be our last visit to Europe for years. We also thought we wouldn't be on a ship again for a long time. Go figure.

At sea – avoiding airline fees!

This isn't bad at all. Bouncing atop the open ocean is awe-inspiring. Also, being around old old people is great for the self esteem. I mean... the most popular meal on board is the muesli prepared table-side.

Being younger than 99% of the people, we're regularly approached. "How do you get all of this time away?" they say. Once they've heard our story, they shower us with praise for not deferring fulfillment.

We'll be back in the land of airline fees soon enough. For now, we're enjoying the slow ride across the Atlantic.

At sea – avoiding airline fees!