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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

The Naked Truth

NVR Guys

Here it is... the naked truth (instead of trickery) on April Fools' Day. Some things are so at the core of who we are – such a big part of our every day way of being – that they go unmentioned here at No Vacation Required. Today, we want to share 5 of those things. Random stuff that you probably don't know about us as a couple and that you might find interesting. (We'll save the really good stuff for when you are buying us whiskey.)

#1 – We dig sports.

At a Seattle Sounders soccer game

Okay, I guess we're getting off to a rocky, half-truthy start. Not all sports (not even close), and we're not true fanatics because we only watch our hometown teams. But... we thoroughly enjoy soccer and a good football game. We even scream at the television from time to time.

#2 – We love us some "crappy" weather.

Pacific Rim National Park - British Columbia, Canada

A cloudy, blustery day is aces in both our opinions. Seattle, with its Sound-side setting and dramatic mountain vistas, is all the better when the weather isn't sunny. This probably explains why we have an affinity for Pacific Rim National Park in Canada – about the stormiest place we have ever been.

#3 – We hate shopping.

Pike Place Market - Seattle, Washington

When it's time to buy something, we like to just do it. Roaming through aisles for a day or afternoon is pure torture in our minds. To make #3 even more high impact, we'll throw markets into the mix as well. As a matter of fact, we think Pike Place Market – here in Seattle – is nice but somewhat over-hyped. We like to tell eager-to-get-to-the-market visitors: "Sure, let's go have a look around (insert long pause) and then we'll do something fun." Oh snap.

#4 – When traveling, we'll go to extreme lengths: a) for good coffee b) to avoid taxis, tuk-tuks, etc.

A great mocha in Brooklyn

This is where we play the Seattleite card in a big way. We have to have decent coffee where ever we are. Period. We're equally passionate about our dislike of taxis. We'll walk five miles before we'll take a taxi. Well, usually.

#5 – If we LOVE something, we're ALL in.

Committed to what we love – waiting in line at the Shake Shack – New York City

We are mindful about what we are passionate about, but we commit fully when we are. We'll wait in long lines for food we love and travel across the country to see a band we're crazy about. So, for example, right now if you are: The Good Wife, grilled cheese sandwiches, Burial, whiskey, Apple, Seattle Sounders, pro human rights, RuPaul, Chicago mix popcorn... we want to take you out behind the shed and make babies with you.

What's something we don't know about you?