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Splashing Out with Celebrity Aqua Class

NVR Guys

We are spoiled brats. We're now in Barcelona (loving it!) and we kinda miss that ship. We told you that – with all the uncertainty and drama surrounding China/India not working out and the associated red-hot rage directed at Delta – we decided to temporarily avoid flying. We also told you that we scored a ridonkulous last minute cruise deal on Celebrity. What we haven't told you, until now, is that we decided "what the hell" and went full-on fancy schmancy for our trek across the Atlantic.

For less than $10 a day (for each of us), we upgraded from an already low priced standard balcony stateroom to Celebrity's Aqua Class. We have only two words:

Hot. Damn.

Aqua Class, introduced on Celebrity's newest Solstice Class ships, offers typical balcony cabins with a whole lotta perks.

For instance, look what we found waiting when we arrived. Never the type to refuse champagne, we got things started on the right, wobbly foot.

Celebrity Cruises – Solstice Class Ship – Aqua Class Stateroom

In addition to the fruit being replenished regularly, we always returned to our cabin to find fresh flowers and tea each day.

Celebrity Cruises – Solstice Class Ship – Aqua Class Stateroom

Aqua Class also boasts cool little extras like a pillow menu and aroma scent selections.

Celebrity Cruises – Solstice Class Ship – Aqua Class Stateroom

Enjoying smelling nice, we also loved the upgraded shower products that paired perfectly with the Hansgrohe shower panel (with multiple jets). See, I told you we got fancy.

Celebrity Cruises – Solstice Class Ship – Aqua Class Stateroom

The virtual worker in each of us was thrilled with the location of our 200 square foot home for the crossing. Aqua Class occupies premium space on the uppermost deck for cabins. Because of that, we had a welcome overhang that kept us sailing along in the shade. We could work and/or chill out on the balcony for hours without getting fried. Here, you can see how far the overhang extends; I think it was about 15 feet. Oh, and you can see the nice weather.

Celebrity Cruises – Solstice Class Ship – Aqua Class Stateroom

According to Celebrity, these cabins occupy this prime real estate so that Aqua Class guests are closest to the fitness center and spa. Speaking of the spa, another benefit is unlimited access to the ultra serene Persian Garden, which serves up an aromatic steam room, an herbal sauna and warmed tile beds on which to relax and watch the ocean. Serious unwinding goes on in there, but no picture taking. Thankfully.

Celebrity Cruises – Solstice Class Ship – Persian Garden

All that stuff is nice, no doubt, but the real reason we loved Aqua Class is one word: Blu.

Celebrity Cruises – Solstice Class Ship – Blu Restaurant

Blu is a specialty restaurant – exclusively for Aqua Class guests – that serves "clean" dinners without compromising flavor. Before embarking, we weren't sure what to expect. We like to eat reasonably healthy, but we also need a consistent infusion of cheese, desserts, etc.

Blu did not disappoint. Have a look at this pumpkin gnocchi with greens and chèvre.

Celebrity Cruises – Solstice Class Ship – Blu Restaurant

We also enjoyed eating at Blu for breakfast. There was no fighting for a window seat.

Celebrity Cruises – Solstice Class Ship – Blu Restaurant

As a matter of fact, we were often alone at breakfast. What a way to wake up!

Aqua Class - Blu Specialty Restaurant

Let's break it down. This view, along with fresh squeezed orange & grapefruit juice and incredible, Seattle-worthy (strong!) coffee.

Celebrity Cruises – Solstice Class Ship – Blu Restaurant

Followed by, on this particular day, a made to order veggie omelet with a side of avocado and a few potato wedges.

Aqua Class - Blu Restaurant

And how could I forget. Smoothies. Every day. All included in the base cruise price.

Celebrity Cruises – Solstice Class Ship – Blu Restaurant

There are a bunch of other goodies that come along with Aqua Class, but we've already gone on long enough. It goes without saying that, despite having to work quite a bit, all these Aqua Class benefits (and a fantastic crew) kept us blissed out in the perfect state of mind to enjoy what really mattered – the magnificent world around us as we crawled across the ocean.

Cruising across the Atlantic Ocean

Maybe China / India not working out isn't such a bad thing after all.