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World, Here We Come – Our 7 Super Shots

NVR Guys

Months ago, Michael over at Strux Travel was the first to tag us to participate in a project that asks participants to showcase 7 photos – super shots – that fall in the categories listed below.  Tomorrow, our 2012 travel dominoes start to fall at breakneck speed. We've got some fun journies on the horizon. In honor of this upcoming round of amazing adventures, here they are – our 7 super shots from past travel.

1 – A photo that…takes my breath away

Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil

Caanan: If you've been to Iguazu Falls in Argentina, you know what a rush it is when you get your first view of the magnificent, crashing water. You also know how swelteringly hot it can be. The humidity takes your breath away as much as the gorgeous surroundings do.

2 – A photo that…makes me laugh or smile

Having a blast.

Kent: We both get a smile out of this shot because it captures what we're often like together. Screwballs – laughing and joking around. A lot.

3 – A photo that…makes me dream

A new adventure begins.

Caanan: What can possibly make a travel fanatic dream more than a picture from an airplane? And I love how this one turned out. We're on a red-eye to somewhere.

4 – A photo that…makes me think

Arriving in Antarctica

Kent: The morning – middle of the night, actually – that our ship arrived in Antarctic water, we couldn't sleep. We were so curious about what we were about to see. This picture gets me thinking about all the other stuff that we're yet to uncover out in the world.

5 – A photo that…makes my mouth water

What does the day ahead hold?

Caanan: You were probably expecting a food shot from us, right?! Honestly, in terms of travel, we love nothing more that being immersed in nature. Looking out of the tent every morning makes our mouths water with anticipation for what the day ahead holds. It's better than nachos.

6 – A photo that…tells a story

Zambia – hello or goodbye?

Kent: this is from our time in Zambia. It tells a story; we're just not 100% certain which one. We like to think they're saying hello (and not goodbye).

7 – A photo that…I am most proud of (aka National Geographic shot)

Safari – South Africa

Caanan: Safari is a truly transformative experience. When we came upon these two in South Africa, I nearly went out of my mind with excitement. And a little fear.

We're really late to the party on this project, but shoot us an e-mail if you've got 7 travel shots that you'd like to share. We'd love to tag you and will send you the details of this fun #7SuperShots initiative (started by the peeps at HostelBookers).

With that, we're heading to the airport. Stay tuned as we create more great travel memories and (hopefully!) get a lot more super shots.

Update: We've tagged:

Waegook Tom

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