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Marriage and Costa Rica and Surprises, Oh My!

NVR Guys

We're in shock. For a lotta reasons. First off, it looks like we're going to have the opportunity to get married here in Washington State. This sort of news came once before, when we lived down in Oregon, without a stellar end result. It was ruled unlawful.

Marriage Equality - Equal Rights Washington

Regardless of what might ultimately happen here in Washington State, or our mixed feelings about the institution of marriage, we'll rush to the front of the line in order to add our voice and to pave the way for those that will come after us. It's our duty.

Anyhow.. all of this marriage hype here in Washington has had us thinking a lot about the union that really matters to us. It's the commitment we made to each other years and years ago. No officiant, no formality, no nothing. Just us, deciding that we were in it for the long haul.  We made it official and celebrated during a three-week getaway to Costa Rica. Three vacation weeks in a row was a big deal back then when we were doing the corporate thing.

As a matter of fact, it was exactly this time of year. It was our first big international shindig together. Our parents made us call when we landed – what a crack up.

So, on the night that the big news was announced here in Washington, we went out to celebrate at our favorite neighborhood place. We raised a couple glasses, talked about progress and spent a lot of time recounting our time in Costa Rica. We remembered how – a couple years ago – we had thought about going back to Costa Rica. We pieced together an itinerary and even started making some reservations. Reluctantly, we called it off. Planning a re-visit to a place that holds such significant memories – where we had about the best three weeks ever – started to seem like an exercise in futility. So, we dropped the idea of going back and decided to return to Costa Rica only if we were forced to. "Maybe we'll win a trip," I said at the time. Um, right.

A little buzzed – and flying high after our celebration – we wanted to show the universe we were grateful and spread the joy. We did one of our little surprise "pay it forward" things and slapped down a 100% tip for our waiter. Little did we know, as we laughed and joked on the walk back home, that the next day would heighten our already through-the-roof bliss.

Get this. That very next day… The day after expanded marriage rights were initially announced here in Washington – and we spent the evening celebrating and longing for Costa Rica – we got notified that we were selected as winners in Costa Rica's "Gift of Happiness" campaign.

Yep, we won a trip to Costa Rica so are being "forced' to go back. Now that's a surprise. And serendipity. And awesome.

So, yes, we're shocked and happy. Content that we're making progress towards equal rights and pumped that we'll be able to celebrate all over again in Costa Rica.