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Our Seattle Snow Fix

NVR Guys

We need a snow fix – at least once a year.

Fortunately, Seattle gets a gnarly (for Seattle) snow event about once a year. Unfortunately, being on the road much of the time, we usually miss it. We've missed the last two, and it kills us. Strange, I know.

Thankfully, we like to ski. When we lived in Oregon, we enjoyed the downhill version. When we transitioned up to Seattle, we also transitioned over to nordic skiing. After our first attempt, we were both hooked. We got our own equipment early on and have actually become pretty good at it over the last few years.

Being away so much, we aren't able to go as often as we'd like. But, each season, we're sure to carve out time for hitting the snow. And our corner of the world has some killer locations for cross-country skiing. The closest place that we love is Steven's Pass. We went up this weekend and had a blast. Thanks to some hellacious snow fall, we had to get the heck off the mountain sooner than we would have liked. (The first shot, below, gives you a clue as to why we were eager to get back down to dry Seattle.)

Here are some shots of us getting our snow on.

Steven's Pass - the drive
skiing 1
skiing 2
skiing 3
Caanan and Kent skiing

Being immersed in the quiet, peaceful beauty of snowy mountains is about as reinvigorating as it gets for us. Wintertime would not be the same without the opportunity to get our snow fix. Even if we have to drive for it.

What's your take on snow? Do you enjoy it or loathe it?