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A Travel Dream – Show Up at the Airport and Go Anywhere

NVR Guys

This may have been our best trip to New York City. Ever.

As I write this we're sitting in a coffee shop in midtown. We're working, caffeinating, eavesdropping and hoping we can get back to Seattle at some point today.

We're scrolling through our pictures on the camera's screen. They are as random as the last several days have been. They include: a hand-sized tortilla chip, a drag queen, lots of blue sky, new friends, the stage at the Palace Theater, many buildings, delicious hot chocolate, awful cinnamon toast, a dive bar, old friends, beef jerky and lots of do-overs.

Last Friday – armed with 'buddy passes" from our airline friends, a small bag and our mobile office (a backpack) – we showed up at the airport and decided to go to, um, anywhere. Every traveler's fantasy.

In honor of five years of this NVR life, we decided to fill the year ahead with some bold things. This is one of those things.

The idea to do this kind of thing was born late last Wednesday and confirmed on Thursday night before going to bed.  Wanting to take full advantage of all our flight options, we arrived at the airport early on Friday. We knew we wanted to aim big (east coast), despite how difficult that can be with passes. Going standby with passes gives you lowest-on-the-totem-pole priority, but it's cheap – nearly free, actually.

We felt like we hit the jackpot by getting on a non-stop to New York City. We were lucky to have our own row but limited in our time to relax. An outstanding hotel deal was waiting; our mission was to find it. The goal: awesome accommodation, budget price. This sort of thing is right in our wheelhouse.

Somewhere over the Midwest, we reserved a four star hotel for under a hundred bucks per night. Even better, we saw that they were renovating so breakfast and happy hour and WiFi would all be included in the price. No cloud of add-on-fee-irritation casting a shadow on our loco getaway.

Then we landed, and everything started to move very quickly. We inaugurated Friday night with killer Mexican food (thus the tortilla chip picture) and we're rounding it out today by people watching in a bustling Manhattan coffee shop.

Here are some shots from around the city.

Caanan - Bryant Park
Union Square Park
Lower Manhattan

Now, back to the business of figuring out how the hell we're getting home. On the cheap.

Have you always wanted to show up at an airport and just go?

Have you ever done something similar? Where did you go?