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Everything Is Blurry

NVR Guys

Writing this, we're nearing the end of our visit to Vegas. Taking a moment to breath, I just downloaded and clicked through all of the pictures we've taken so far. Many of them are poorly composed and just plain crappy. Nearly all of them are blurry. 

Initially, I was pissed. We're here celebrating a couple birthdays – seeing and doing and eating a lot – so we were hoping for a bunch of great shots to capture the surprises and shenanigans. It hasn't worked out that way, but I've quickly became cool with it. In a screwed up sort of way, the blurry pictures are the most accurate representation of the time we've spent here.

First off, you can imagine how problematic it is to coordinate eight agendas – "I want to gamble!" "I want to sleep!" "I need to sleep!"  We're not even staying at the same place as our co-celebrators, so there's been a good deal of running around simply to be in the same space. Heck, we've stayed at two hotels since arriving. So, yes, there's been lots of zooming from location to location in order to meet dinner/show reservation.  Plus – don't forget – that the two of us are always squeezing in cash register time (work!) where ever we are.  It's been an amped up version of already fast-paced Vegas.

Now that you know the backstory, you can probably wrap your mind around how many times one of us has said "Hold up! Let me get a quick picture." And it shows – big time – in the pictures I was just clicking through. Sigh.

But that's just how it is. Sometimes "in the moment" isn't ideally paced with your preferred mix of calm and exciting. Here, on this visit to Vegas, "being present" means giving into a constant, often clunky whirlwind of activity. See, we knew this would turn out to be off the beaten path in some way.

In honor of getting comfortable with the frenzy, we leave you with this uneasy-on-the-eyes shot. It's me taking a picture of Caanan squeezing in some work while the iconic Fountains of Bellagio do their thing out the window. Guess what? It was taken quickly.

Las Vegas Madness

There it is… our un-photoshopped, non-HDR reality here in Vegas. It's accurate. We dig it.

Sometimes life is blurry. We want to get more comfortable with that.