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No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Feeling Unsettled

NVR Guys

As I write this, we're both recovering from a bout of seasickness.  A few years ago we made it just fine across Drake Passage on the way to Antarctica, yet now we both get sick as we begin crossing the comparatively "easy" Atlantic. Go figure. Have you ever been seasick?  It's unsettling. A strange feeling.

Honestly, though, we're both feeling unsettled in general. Ever since our emotion packed realization in Bologna, we've been riding a high. Thankful to be able to live fully, thankful for opportunities that others don't have, thankful for freedom.

Getting on this ship to take us back to the United States – the long, slow way – has brought up a range of emotions. Some positive, such as the fact that we have a friend on board, and we're chopping off another segment in our goal to make it around the world via ship. Some disconcerting, such as the fact that we're in the land of expensive and limited Internet. Not ideal for running a business.

And the ship we're on is swanky. We've got the "value luxury" thing down to a science, so we clearly love to travel comfortably (at a good price!). But... being around this degree of chi-chi quickly reminds us that we're most comfortable and at ease in more laid back and chill environments.

Swanky Ship

So, we're trying to take it all in, love every second and find our groove. But it hasn't been smooth.

To make ourselves feel comfortable, we do some odd things to "pinch ourselves" into remebering how lucky we are to live this life and to see the world. We have no reason to feel unsettled, so we want to snap out of it.

One day, we got out of bed pre-dawn to wave goodbye to the edge of Africa. What a sight.

Leaving Africa

Another morning, we went up to the top deck while it was still dark. We used the sports court to exercise and watched the port we were approaching come into view from beyond the court's net boundaries.

Port from Sports Court

This ship has a lawn. Yes, real grass at sea. We spent a good chunk of time being kooky and snapping pictures in disbelief.

Cray Cray Photos

Most days (and nights) we've been obsessed with looking at stars and killer sunrises/sunsets from our balcony.


This particular view, from the very back of our ship, always draws us in. A few times, we've just stood there – staring off in awe at the vastness of the world we're navigating.