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No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Crawling Home

NVR Guys

As I write this, we've almost completed our journey across the Atlantic. We started at a charming port city not far from Rome and will soon disembark in southern Florida for a last blast of fun before heading back to home base. Along the way, from port to port, we've seen some biggies.


But we always seem to pay the most attention to oddities and the ultra-simple stuff. Here, a zooming truck breaks this straight up to the sky shot of a bridge's design.

Barcelona Bridge

We love this picture, showing how the ubiquitous burger empire co-exists with even the most charming European neighborhood. (Don't ask... we were craving free web access!).

Barcelona meets M

In Cartagena, we enjoyed seeing how this art meshed with the local architecture.

Cartagena Spain Art

When all else fails, we can't seem to get enough pictures of windows and doors, which are typically so uninteresting in the United States. We rarely bore you with those photos, but here's one from the Azores.


Back on the ship, we seem to be in perpetual recharge mode, contemplating where we've been, plotting the year ahead and trying to be grateful for each moment. This makes for a pretty cool place to start and end each day

Stateroom balcony

In a few days, we'll kick back into high gear. When we complete this long transatlantic crossing, we get to run around exploring the Miami area for a few days.

For now, we'll enjoy the ocean. All is great.