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Art Restores Balance

NVR Guys

Last time we wrote, you know we were suffering from a bit of seasickness, over-swankification on this ship and a general sense of dis-ease. We were trying to get our groove back. Interestingly, we've now become shipboard art fanatics. It's actually just what we needed to restore a sense of balance.We appreciate art, in general, but we never seem to give it the attention it deserves. Being on this ship for a couple of weeks, we have sort of fell into exploring the art in our quest to find away-from-the-crowds experiences.

In doing so, we learned that this cruise line, Celebrity, prides itself on the Celebrity Art Collection assembled for each ship. Apparently, the collection on each vessel houses some big names in addition to emerging talent. There's even some Lichtenstein's on here.

The theme of the art on our ship is balance, harmony and the principle of yin-yang. The ship's art first caught our attention one day walking the stairs (we have a no elevator rule on ships). The opposing forces that the collection attempts to convey started to jump out at us.

First, we noticed what we would later learn was described as art depicting the struggle between man and nature.

Stairs of Yin-Yang

As well as a big/small installation.

Julia Fullerton-Batten: Red Dress in City

Wandering around, we also found incredible art depicting the cyclical, soothing nature of changing seasons.

Craig Kuchia - Canopy of Trees

Video art demonstrating the often oppositional relationship between ink and liquid.

Tone Kristin Bjordam - video: ink and liquid

We even stumbled across an entire room dedicated to an installation urging passengers to examine what separates an art experience (the installation itself) from an everyday experience (the fact that this is "just a room").

Jorge Pardo - Still Life for Leisure

We were pretty wowed as we started to uncover all of this. Most noteworthy is the fact that it got us out of our heads long enough to do exactly what it's intended to do. And, crazily enough, exactly what we needed.

This art inspired balance in two guys who were feeling out of whack.

Mojo restored, we're ready to conquer the rest of this voyage.