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A Gastronomic Coup

NVR Guys

If we got into every great food moment we had in Bologna, we'd bore you to tears. They were all remarkable, so it's tough to resist the urge to give you blow-by-blow accounts of every bite. You know, from our time in London (and our outlook on travel), that we need to be incredible deal finders when were on the road. That's why we gravitate away from expensive parts of the world.

(Um, so what in the hell are we doing in Europe?)

Anyhow, this was especially challenging in Bologna because the whole point of our coming here was that we didn't want to be be planned out at all. I mean... we picked Bologna by blindly pointing a finger at a map. Similarly, we vowed to not talk about it, research it, etc. We wanted to let things unfold old-school style.

Bologna restaurant

One afternoon, we found an eclectic looking restaurant that commanded our attention. We walked in, found we were the only people there and were seated by a still-setting-things-up server. A couple minutes after getting settled in, he came over, delivered water, champagne and an appetizer (and left without saying a word).

We gave each other the look that says "Oh shit. How much is this going to cost?" Especially since that champagne was the good stuff - the likes of which we don't normally have.

restaurant #2

Thankfully, when he delivered two pastas, we were able to muster up the courage (and proper italian) to put the breaks on.

No meat dish. No dessert. More champagne (hey, I said it was good).

I wish I could adequately describe this lasagna to you. To say it was the best we've ever had, would be a disservice. The layers and layers of pasta were delicate sheets of perfection and the sauce was deep and flavorful Bolognese magic.


As was the case last time, I can't provide details because we're leaving our Bologna experiences in the hands of locals. I can, however, show you a picture of the other pasta. Notice the same tagliatelle we had previously.

Here's the best part. When the bill came, I took a deep breath and was relieved to see that it was only 30 Euros. Not bad at all for this kind of meal in this kind of city in this kind of country. I think our waiter could see the fear in our eyes.

Bologna - dish #2

Heading to Bologna? Be sure to go to Drogheria Della Rosa on via Cartoleria 10. You won't regret it.

Next up…  our visit to Rome!