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No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

2012 = 5 Years of Doin' It for Ourselves

NVR Guys

Break out the champagne. 2012 marks the 5 year anniversary of our No Vacation Required life. We've been spending a lot of time thinking about our path to this way of living – where we strive for fulfillment rather than subscribing to templated notions of success and happiness – and how much the last several years have changed the trajectory of our lives.

We feel very fortunate and are eager to take things to the next level over the coming year. It's an NVR 2.0 sort of thing.


Running (absurdly far) = the change agent.

It's hard to believe that it all pretty much started when we took a "traditional" two week vacation to run the Paris Marathon and to explore some of Europe. I'm still not 100% certain how we came back home with the resolve and determination to rejigger our lives and leave our old careers behind. (Well, dragon-like bosses may have had something to do with it!)

We both vividly remember walking to the marathon starting line early that morning. It was unseasonably warm in Paris, and somehow things just felt different. No, it wasn't just the massive doses of vitamin B.

Paris Marathon - heading to the starting line

We hadn't completely figured things out, but we knew that this event – and especially all the talking during crazy long training runs – was about a lot more than running an absurd 26+ miles.

Traveling = the transformation

Next came visits to the final destinations on our "hit all seven continents" list - Africa, South America and Antarctica. We'd always been crazy about travel, but those adventures, in particular, were transformational. While exploring, volunteering and checking out other cultures, we had the brain-space (for once) and time (finally) to figure out what was next.


After all that traveling, pondering and plotting, we embraced uncertainty and began to build and navigate a new reality for ourselves – what we now call a  No Vacation Required life. Unlike so many world citizens, we're lucky to have a life where we can share our voice and exercise choice. We owe it to those who don't have the same luxury to maximize our life and, at the same time, fight on their behalf.

So, in honor of our five year milestone, we're launching the NVR Project. Since we've already found the sweet spot, it's not a big change. At the core of our NVR life, we'll still be working virtually so that we can travel deliriously and live deliberately. The NVR Project is primarily about doing it all a bit more boldly and delving further into what motivates and inspires us so that others might be influenced to do the same.

The world = our motivation

Seeing the world has taught us a lot, and we've become interested in many things – from camping/hiking adventures (on the one end of the spectrum) to snagging luxury travel experiences at value prices. We've also become even more passionate about serious things like the hunger crisis that is crippling many people. We're doubly committed to spreading the word about what we find out in the world. Both the fun and the heaveyweight.

Glacier National Park - Two Medicine area

In the coming year – and beyond – we plan to even more boldly speak our truth with the hope that it, in turn, motivates others to do the same.

You = our inspiration 

In addition to being more bold about those things that we're passionate about, we're excited to bring you into the picture.  In the coming months, we're going to start collecting/sharing the stories of people who inspire us.

It's easy to find (and pay attention to) the nay-sayers in life. We want to highlight and reinforce the importance of focusing on the positivity of inspirers rather than the negativity of those that try to constrain awesomeness.

So, yep, we've got a lot going on all up in here. We're excited to share.

Thanks for being a part of our lives. It means a lot.

We're plotting a big 2012. That includes some incredible travel. In the comments, please share your favorite travel destination (and why). Help us decide where to go!