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When We Fall, We Fall Hard

NVR Guys

We've been down in California, enjoying the Coachella Valley and catching some rays before it's time to bust out the skis back in the Pacific Northwest. We've also been bad.

Calm down. I don't mean bad bad. We didn't rob a bank or anything like that.

Starting pretty much the minute we landed here we said "adios" to any attempt to eat sensibly. Maybe it's the desert sun.... maybe it's the traffic... maybe it's our brush with the rich and famous (Barry Manilow to be exact... jealous?).

Whatever the case, we've sort of put the nutrition plan aside. Which, in this case, means we've also decided to play one of the few carnivore cards that we dole out in a given year. We have a favorite place to eat down in Palm Springs. That place has a hell of a sandwich. It's a reuben and it's obscenely  huge.

So, we've temporarily fallen off of the vegetarian wagon. And, when we fall, we like to fall hard. Below, we'll give you the details of that top-notch monster of a reuben. Because we've had a couple margaritas, we're also going to spill the beans on our other favorite, over-the-top sandwiches. Reserved, of course, for when we fall... hard.

By the way, no matter how far we've fallen, we try to be mindful of not wasting food. Each of these sandwiches is ridiculously sized, so we share them.

Sherman's Deli and Bakery – Palm Springs, California

Normally, neither one of us likes reubens, but this thing is insanely good. It's piled high with your choice of corned beef, pastrami or turkey along with swiss cheese and sauerkraut.

Sherman's Deli - reuben

We curse the friend who tipped us off to this place, especially since the desserts are also fantastic. We recommend the carrot cake (and a few others!).

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop – Las Vegas, Nevada

This is another find that a friend turned us on to. They have locations around the country, and we try to drop in whenever we are in Las Vegas. Yes... twist our arms.

This place was founded on the goodness of whole fresh turkeys. Given that, we avoid everything else on the menu and go straight for The Bobbie (insert angelic music). It's Thanksgiving dinner in a sandwich. Homemade turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing.

Capriotti's - The Bobbie

I know. Are you booking a ticket to Las Vegas as you read?

By the way, The Bobbie makes for the perfect recharge food after a late night out and about.

Pine State Biscuits – Portland, Oregon

This is where things start to get a little crazy. If you have a weak heart, please skip this section and proceed directly to the comments.

The guys at Pine Street wanted to bring southern biscuit awesomeness to Portland. They succeeded. We enjoy The Reggie, which has fried chicken, bacon, cheese, gravy and egg in the middle of that biscuit. Are you clutching your chest in horror.

Pine State Biscuits - The Reggie

As if we're not already in Portland (our second home) enough. This place pulls at our hearts. Or maybe that's just our hearts crying out for help.

Speaking of which... time for a run.

What's your favorite over-the-top sandwich? Any suggestions for the next time we fall hard?