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Mount McKinley, Denali National Park

NVR Guys

Before getting all fancy schmancy on a cruise ship, we had one more camping adventure in Alaska – in Denali National Park. Enjoying outstanding weather, we were doing all sorts of sightseeing and didn't set up camp until evening (which didn't matter because the days last forever all up in Alaska during summertime).

As we set up camp, we were buzzing because we had just seen Mount McKinley in all of its two summit glory. At just over 20,000 feet, Mount McKinley is often shrouded in clouds and unviewable.

Not during our visit. We lucked out!

Mount McKinley

What's even better than this? We realized that – by walking through a few feet of trees – we had a view of Mount McKinley from our very own campsite (at Savage River).

Mount McKinley from Camp

Needless to say, it was tough to sleep at all that night with McKinley as our backdrop.

As the sun (finally) set, the temperature dropped rapidly. Good thing we have semi-hardcore sleeping bags, because it froze that night.  We woke up to find ice on our tent. It was time for a real bed!

Denali - tent