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Dear Grizzly: Next Time, Just Send Flowers

NVR Guys

Our Alaska blog-novella continues... When we last wrote, we were heading up the stairs to our remote forest service cabin. We were not so excited to find out whether or not a grizzly was hanging out behind our cabin's outhouse.

Up to backcountry cabin

Although we didn't see it, we're pretty sure those guys with guns were right. There probably was a grizzly somewhere around our cabin. What makes us think so? Well, when we made it near the top of the steps, we found a welcome gift.

A pile of steaming bear scat.

Bear trace

We rushed the last few steps to the door and tried not to think too much about it (despite seeing constant signs during our visit that he/she was out there).

Staying distracted wasn't actually too difficult. I mean, look at how cool this little cabin was. Perched up on a hill, we found it in great shape.

cabin - front

Inside, we found both a kitchen area and a table on the front (lake) end.

cabin - kitchen
cabin - table

We loved having a wood burning stove in the middle, and there was a sleeping-bag-ready platform area on the back side.

cabin - stove
cabin - sleeping area

Here's a photo of the cabin taken from the back side.

cabin - from back

We had an incredible time at the cabin and are already plotting how we can get back for a longer stay.

Because we had this entire peaceful setting to ourselves, it was not easy to walk out the door for the last time.

On the morning we were set to leave, we reluctantly threw open the door and made a lot of noise for a long time. We wanted that grizzly to know that we were heading back out to the trail and on to our next adventure in Alaska.

Denali, here we come!