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Alaska - Glacier Palooza

NVR Guys

We're not too demanding. Before heading to state #49, we wanted Alaska to deliver in only three key areas: incredible camping, beautiful hiking and glaciers galore. During the first part of our visit – accompanied by alternating beating rain and beaming sun – we got our fill of camping and hiking. As we entered into the last part of our adventure, we were ready for some major glacier action.

Did we ever get it.

The trek from Denali to Whittier, our embarkation point for the cruise back home, made for a long day. With sore bodies from the first couple weeks, we were more than ready to be done roughing it (okay, semi-roughing it). It was time to chill out a bit and to get our glacier on.

So, upon arriving at the port, while most people were touring the ship and gawking over public spaces like this...


...we dropped our stuff off in our stateroom, grabbed this (what a nice surprise!)...

champagne surprise!

...and darted out on deck to scope out a place for a night of glacier-peeping.

Leaving Whittier

Yep, that bright blue mass of ice is a glacier. It was the first one we viewed from the ship – only minutes after departing.

Oh...we had such high hopes and naive plans on that first evening on the ship. Up on deck, enjoying that bottle of champagne, we got a little buzzed and decided we were going to keep track of every glacier. "How cool! We'll have a final glacier count." we boasted to each other like eager boy scouts.

That was at about 7:00 in the evening. About three hours later, the bottle of champagne had vanished and so had our hopes of being glacier trackers.

Bottom line... It's a glacier palooza up there in our largest state. There are around 100,000 glaciers in Alaska. I know. It seems like a huge number. I thought it was a "champagne memory" but have since verified it. Seriously.

So, yes, we're glacier fanatics. We spent every day – no matter what we were doing – checking out (um, obsessing over) the scenery and keeping an eye out for glaciers.

glacier peeping

We'll give you the 411 on other elements of the cruise later, but this type of scenery alone is reason enough to go. (So start doing your research and watch for an upcoming post with more details regarding the cruise.)

For now, check out these last few photos and then remind yourself that we live in a freaking spectacular world.

Alaska - glacier palooza 2
Alaska - glacier palooza 1
Alaska - glacier palooza 4
Alaska - glacier palooza 5

By the way... A glacier is a huge mass of compacted snow/ice that moves (slowly). Glaciers thrive in places where snow accumulation exceeds snow melt.

Glaciers are disappearing. Be nice to the environment.

Have you seen glaciers?