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Our Ultimate Multiple Personality Travel Adventure

NVR Guys

We're on an adventure streak. Our head-clearing time in Glacier National Park confirmed that we want to take our "live now" attitudes to the next level AND seek more aggressive adventures while our bodies can still hack it.

We're off to Alaska, and we gonna tear it up.

Well, sort of.

We need to keep our "multiple personality travel" label alive and well. So, in Alaska, we're actually going to extremes – from the outdoors-y all the way over to the more splashed out side of things.

The Rugged

We're going to kick things off in Fairbanks. We've been up there before – to see the Northern Lights – so it'll be good to do some more poking around in that region. Also, summertime is much more conducive to exploring. When we were in Fairbanks, in the cold cold of winter, everyone pretty much hung out at Barnes and Noble. And ate pizza (or maybe that was just us).

We won't be in Fairbanks long though. We'll quickly set out to explore some of the rest of the interior of the state. We're still constructing our plan, but we know we'll be checking out: Chena River State Park, Wrangell-St. Elias Park (it's huge!), Valdez, Chugach National Forest and Kenai Fjords National Park – among other areas.


During this land portion of our adventure well be doing a lot of camping and trekking. We'll also get the chance to – finally – do something we've wanted to do for a long time. We're going to backcountry hike and stay in a remote cabin on a lake.

After all of that – no matter how things unfold – we'll be more than ready for phase two.

The Un-rugged

You know we like a good cruise ("good" being the operative word). We've had great luck with Princess Cruises, so we are excited to have chosen them to take us home in style. Besides, they are known for providing a best-in-the-business "Voyage of the Glaciers" between Whittier and Vancouver. We can't wait to see for ourselves. We'll have no problem carving out an experience that's perfect for us. No one size fits all cruise agenda for us.

We already know we'll be looking forward to things like…. oh, regular showers, no sleeping bags and not packing/moving every day or two. That's the beauty of a cruise, you unpack once but don't remain in one place.

Best of all, we'll see lots of stunning scenery. Here's what we saw from a ship off the coast of New Zealand:

View from ship - New Zealand

By the time we get back to Seattle, in September, we'll be ready for falling leaves and a big end to the year. We'll be plotting just how we want to mark our upcoming 5 YEAR anniversary of this life.

I know, I know - you're wondering how such young guys could possibly have been living this life for FIVE years. Seems impossible doesn't it :)

We'll get into all that down the road. For now… Alaska… here we come!