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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

From Glacier NP to Glacier Bay NP

NVR Guys

We're settled back in Seattle after our adventure in Glacier National Park. The camping and hiking were incredible, but those elements weren't the best part. Our time in the wilderness turned out to be an avalanche of inspiration and life lessons that allowed us to clear out the gunk in our heads and more easily lean into the power of intuition.

Here's the deal...

There's something about starting each day in a setting like this that recharged our outlook.

Glacier National Park - Two Medicine area

Witnessing the early morning moon fading away above the golden prairie and rugged mountains, our "problems" seemed to fade away.

Glacier NAtional Park - early morning

At times, we didn't think we could hike one more mile. So we'd catch our breath and snap a couple pictures.

Kent - hike break
Caanan - hike break

And then our tenacity would be rewarded with even more beauty like this.

Glacier National Park - Grinnell Lake

Feeling like we had a glacial lake to ourselves...

Glacier National Park - Lake McDonald

Finding the perfect hike...

Glacier - Scenic Point trail

Witnessing the uncertainty of life...

Glacier National Park

These things reset how we look at the world and what's important.

Here's the deal... This won't always be a practical place to sleep for several nights.


And we won't always be able to make it way up to places like this.

Glacier National Park - Scenic Point

We have our health, our minds and our vigor. It won't always be that way.

So, in honor of that, we're jumping on the chance to have another nature-centric adventure.

We're packing up the virtual office and heading to Alaska in just a couple of weeks.  Details will follow... once we have everything ironed out.