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The Seven Links Project Meets NVR

NVR Guys

Last week, we started enjoying other bloggers' contributions to the My 7 Links project and saying things like: "Those seven posts would be tough to choose! Glad we don't have to." Well, our satisfaction as observers was cut short when we found that our friends, the other K and C,  over at Technosyncratic had nominated us to participate (and then so did our pal Breakaway Backpacker, Mr. Escandalo).

Not up to speed on what this My 7 Links business is all about? Here's a short description straight from Katie, the mastermind behind the project, over at Tripbase:

The idea is simple: bloggers publish 7 links from their blog to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.

The stress! It's like choosing a favorite travel destination or a favorite kid. Then, as if that's not enough, the rules require that participants nominate other bloggers to participate. We'll get to that later. First, to set the mood, enjoy this picture of gorgeous Prague and then dive into our chosen seven:

Prague in Early Srping

1) Our Most Beautiful Post: The Last Month

This post doesn't fit the mold. It's not about travel, it's not a "look at these great photos" sort of post and, actually, it's sort of (majorly) depressing. Its real purpose is to communicate another reason why our no vacation required life is so beautiful to us.

2) Our Most Popular Post: The Five Lies Travelers Tell Themselves


Now that the heavy stuff is out of the way, let's move on to our favorite give-em-what-they-want post. This short, brutally honest post was inspired by our month long visit to Kauai, and it continues to drive "please write more like that" e-mails. Note taken.

3) Our Most Controversial Post: Travelogue – (avoiding "Memory" in) Prague

OK, we may have had a slightly hidden agenda when we put that photo of Prague up top. Although our Prague post itself wasn't too controversial, the fact that we liked Prague – and didn't love it – still has people questioning our sanity. Lesson learned = people love them some Prague.

4) Our Most Helpful Post: A Case for Travel Insurance

Readers like a good tip or two. This post, where we declare that travel insurance is a good thing, proved just how true that is.

5) A Post Whose Success Surprised Us: A Welcome Surprise from Zambia

Zambia - Ailess and other kids

Confession: May was crazy, and we sort of "phoned in" this post - a brief but sincere update about the girl, Ailess, we sponsor in Zambia. People went nuts (in a good way), and we continue to hear from readers who want to join us in sponsoring a kid. Very gratifying.

6) A Post That Deserved More Attention: Hot and Bombarded in Vegas

Less than a year ago, when we started writing for an audience beyond family/friends, we posted about a visit to Vegas. This post does a good job of communicating our voice and personalities.

7) The Post We're Most Proud of: What We Learned from Being (Legally) Married for a Few Months

I guess we are going to get all serious on your ass one more time. We're most fulfilled when we take a stand and let our opinions be known. I guess it's no surprise that this post is the one we're most proud of.

Now – in the spirit of passing it on and making others face the tough job of choosing their seven links – our nominees to participate...

In honor of our home-base, these three are all bloggers from Seattle:

Traveling with MJ

Northwest Cheapsleeps 


We've also saved two spots for random people who might want to participate. Shoot of an e-mail or tweet if you'd like to take a slot (one more left!).