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On Camping, Vegas and Potato Chips

NVR Guys

We should not be left alone with all of the Kettle Chips we have in the house. We have been obsessively making our way through several flavors as we get all caught up on stuff and finalize our camping adventure before taking off (next week!). Our desks are, uncharacteristically, bursting with papers, books and files – many carry the telltale sign of having eaten potato chips. Colorful salty fingerprints.

We've felt a little behind over the last several months and have vowed to not have anything lingering when we set up camp in the wilderness. After all, we can't get our Zen on if the "Ommm" is disrupted by thoughts of "I forgot to..."

We're still working on the details of how things will unfold in Glacier, but we do know that we'll probably kick things off by camping in this area:

Glacier Park - Two Medicine Area

...and by taking our normal "warm up" hike:


So, ya, we're checking things off the to-do list, finalizing our camping trip and and mindlessly inhaling an assortment of crack-like chips. Cue the gut ache.

Caanan (staring at a single, perfect chip between his fingers): I have to write about the shows we saw in Vegas, but I'd much rather write about this chip.

Kent: I think the people at Kettle know this. That's probably why they sent us a box.

No joke.

no explanation needed

We don't need any more excuses to not catch up on everything, including this website. Earlier in the year, we took a partially sponsored trip to Vegas. We have resisted mentioning and writing about it because we hadn't yet fleshed out our take on all things Media. To make a long story short, we want to feel good about any and all sponsorships we accept. We won't go somewhere or write about something just because it's free (potato chips included). That feels wrong.

Thankfully, Vegas does not fall in that camp. But – in addition to opportunities that are a good fit – other ultimately undesirable and inauthentic possibilities have emerged. So we made the decision to have a plan cemented before doing anything.

That commitment – in addition to some delirious travel – put us way behind, which leaves us sitting here, eating chips and getting up to speed.

Caanan: Well, for starters, maybe we should quit talking about food so much. Surprises like this could get dangerous. I can't workout enough to keep up with this. Besides, I shouldn't be more excited to write about chips.

Kent: But that's the point, we want to write about stuff we enjoy. You're just putting off writing about those shows because we weren't wowed. Good and bad experiences are part of the landscape, whether we pay or not.

So, back to Vegas. We enjoy it there and this time around was no exception. We stayed at two places. First off, we checked into Vdara. The sleek rooms and ridonkulous views rocked our world.

Vdara Las Vegas - Executive Corner Room

Next up, we hit The Venetian. Now, we've stayed at the Venetian empire of hotels before (Palazzo and Venezia), but this is the first time that we stayed at the Venetian proper. There's not much to not like; I mean, you have 750 square feet of nice.

While there, we saw two shows. Viva Elvis and Phantom. Both left us non-plussed. Viva Elvis started with a bang and then – with the exception of a couple segments – veered into cruise-shipy. Phantom, although equipped with some great vocals and cool bells and whistles, came off as a too-dumbed-down version of the original, Phantom of the Opera (which – against type – we didn't like all that much either).

Feel free to use the links to check out a few more tidbits regarding our experiences at the hotels and shows. Meanwhile, I'm going to move on to the next thing on the list and more of those damn chips.

What's up in your world? Are you all caught up (unlike us)?