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Hiking a Peak and a Valley

NVR Guys

We hiked every single day that we were in Glacier. Side note: Strenuous hikes pair very well with camping because they knock you on your ass and, therefore, make sleeping in a tent seem almost comfortable. See we have an ulterior motive for embarking on these monster hikes. Today, we want to highlight two trails. One that took us far into a gorgeous valley and another that ended on a mountain-top with a killer view.

First, this photo gives you a good idea of what we saw on the Swiftcurrent Valley trail. Lots of snow and tons of wildflowers for July.

Swiftcurrent Valley

The overwhelming snow melt created several gushing waterfalls.

Swiftcurrent Valley trail

There was so much snow, if fact, that we had to turn around at Bullhead Lake. We had this place all to ourselves. What a day.

Swiftcurrent Valley - Bullhead Lake

Another day, we decided to take on the Scenic Point trail. We quickly gained about 2500 feet. We couldn't breath, but that didn't matter much. Check this out.

Scenic Point hike

When we had almost reached the climax of the hike, we ascended through a mind-blowing field of wildflowers, teasing us with what was ahead.

Scenic Point Hike

The dramatic view that met us at the top was a show stopper, for sure. We sat in disbelieve, catching our breath and gazing at Two Medicine Lake sitting at the base of this awesomeness.

Scenic Point

The ominous clouds were a reminder that we needed to hustle back down before dangerous conditions set in.

This is our planet.

Do you have any plans to get back to nature before summer wraps up?