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Glacier / Waterton - Peace Park Hike

NVR Guys

great visit to Glacier National Park will also include a jaunt up to Glacier's sister park, Waterton – just across the border in Canada.

Having skipped spending any real time in Waterton over the last few years, we were happy to include a couple of days there in this year's itinerary.

We arrived in Waterton early in the day and, again, were discouraged by the number of trail closures due to the late melt. Forced to forego our intended 20+ mile hike on the Carthew-Alderson trail, we happily settled on what is affectionately known as the "Peace Park Hike" that would take us, on foot, back into the United States.

Before we get into the hike... This is overview shot of Waterton and it's charming township. Impressive setting, huh?

Waterton township

Many hikers use this trail as an opportunity to celebrate the fact that peace and camaraderie can be alive and well in the world as evidenced by the fact that Glacier and Waterton, separated only by a border, pride themselves on a healthy and friendly international relationship.

Plus, how cool to be able to hike from Canada to the United States.

Peace Park Hike

We took this peace-infused opportunity to do some of our advocating and wore our No More Poverty t-shirts in order to spark conversations with others in the backcountry. We wanted to round out our gear with our CARE International hats but were afraid we would end up with heat stroke.

Almost immediately, the trail offered the now expected array of incredible vistas and wildflowers.

Peace Park Hike

At times, the lakeshore was the trail, allowing for some much needed cooling off.

Peace Park Hike - on the water

We especially enjoyed the screen-saver-worthy forested sections that emanated tranquility.

Peace Park Hike - forest

Oh, and did we mention waterfalls (thanks to that late melt).

Peace Park Hike - waterfall

Are you hypnotized yet?

Without a doubt, the highlight was seeing the border at Boundary Bay. We enjoyed lunch there on the lake, looking at that line cutting through the trees and attempting to solve (our version of) world peace while we gobbled down sandwiches and chips.

Peace Park Hike - the US Canada border

It was an excellent hike; one that we may never have done had the circumstances been different this season.

We walked away from this day's adventure even more determined to not let borders and politics keep us from seeing and appreciating the interconnectedness of the world.

Can we get a "Namaste!" all up in here.