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Most Memorable Mileage Run Moments

NVR Guys

We're back in Seattle.  Well, sort of.  Some unexpected "stuff" has come up, so we've been spending a lot of time down in Portland. Although our heads are still spinning – and we've been yearning for some downtime back at home-base – we wanted to carve out some time to write a post about some of our most memorable mileage run moments. So, here they are – both the good and the bad.  These are some of the things that have really stuck with us over the last couple of months of travel.

Best view.

In Honolulu, we loved the view of the city from the top of Diamond Head. Sure, it's a pretty popular and packed trail to the top, but there's a reason.  The picture makes that reason clear.

Honolulu from Diamond Head

Worst view.

Also in Honolulu, our hotel provided the worst view of our entire journey.  When you think of Hawaii, you probably envision beaches and palm trees. Our room treated us to an unobstructed, deluxe view of this parking structure. There's a future post in this.

View from our Honolulu hotel room

Best meal.

While we're on a roll with Hawaii, we might as well get into food. Every dish we had (both times) at Side street Inn was remarkable and memorable. Check out this spicy chicken. Now wipe off your screen. There is no "worst food" in NVR land.

Chicken from Sidestreet Inn in Honolulu

Best surprise.

Massachusetts has it going on. We loved the time we spent in both Provincetown and Boston. We were truly surprised by how much we liked it. Also, we're not big fans of guest houses, but our opinion was changed by the incredible experience we had at White Porch Inn in P-town. We'll definitely get back to that state.


Worst surprise.

The words "worst" and "surprise" are a scary combination, but we would have to say that all of our language-barrier-bloopers in Prague were a bit of a smack down for us. For instance, one time we thought we were asking for a chair, and we had a wash cloth delivered to our room. Not until mid-way through our visit did we realize that we had been ordering alcohol free beer.

Our beer in Prague

Funnest adventure

Also in Prague, we loved getting up well before dawn to see the quiet city come to life. It's something we haven't done much of in other cities, but we may start to do it more often. It's a great way to see how a place moves.

Prague - early morning

Worst adventure.

Shortly before our mileage run, we got an XShot (camera extender) in order to be able to take pictures of ourselves without a tripod. Well, as this picture shows, we couldn't quite figure out how to keep the XShot itself out of our pictures. It was a frustrating "adventure" figuring it out. Bone heads.

Figuring out the XShot

Best overall moment.

Without a doubt, running around Washington D.C. (even in the sideways rain) was the best experience we had. Advocating with CARE International for No More Poverty was empowering and fulfilling.

Heading in for a #NoMorePoverty meeting with our Senator

Worst overall moment.

Prior to getting to Europe, we didn't sleep for about 48 hours. Then – upon arriving in Prague – we got scammed by the police for "not using the metro system properly." It was a messy couple of days, and there's not a picture that properly communicates it.

Favorite picture.

No, this picture isn't great. What it is, though, is proof that people play quidditch.  Yes, quidditch, the game from Harry Potter. Those two on the ground are preparing to "take off" on their brooms. Have you heard of this?

Quidditch players in Boston

What's new in your world? What memorable experiences are you creating?