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Travelogue - (feeding our guilt in) Boston

NVR Guys

Well folks, our mileage run is over. Boston was the last stop on our journey, and an eye-opening one at that. Coming off a fun visit to Provincetown, we were excited to attack our last city with gusto. The only problem was.... history got in the way. Seeing all of the old buildings should have been our first clue that we were in for some schooling. To be fair, we arrived with eyes wide open; we know that Boston is a historically significant city. We just didn't know (uh, remember) the extent of its footprint on history. Somehow, everything we learned in school was lost on us. You know, things like: Boston's place as the backbone of the American Revolution, the details of Paul Revere's messenger ride. You get the idea.

Bottom line - we felt guilty. So what did we do? We worked the shit out of The Freedom Trail and ate away our guilt for not paying enough attention in history class. Here are a couple of brief highlights of the food (not the historical sites – we don't feel worthy).

Regina Pizzeria

We asked around for advice on where to best dampen our history-ignoring guilt with pizza. We got a variety of opinions, but Regina's Pizzeria came up most often. We learned that it would, without a doubt, be packed, so we strategically timed our visit to their flagship North End location for mid afternoon. We got in with no wait.

Deliberating over a beer, we pretty quickly decided on the Mediterranean - marinara sauce, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, olives, red pepper flakes, capers and Feta cheese. Oh, and topped with extra virgin olive oil and Fresh Basil. Take a look.

Regina Pizzeria - Mediterranean

It was an outstanding creation – very flavorful with a nice hit of spice. What made it remarkable for us was the crust. It was on the thick side without being dense and chewy; it didn't skimp on substance, but it also had some of the light and crispy characteristics that we love in a thin crust. Truly perfect.

On our way out the door for more of an edumacation, we were happy to not be in this fast-forming line.

Pizzeria Regina - the line

J.P. Licks

When it was time for ice cream, there was no question regarding where to go. We headed straight for the Harvard Square location of J.P. Licks. We were in a decision making haze but ended up going with one of their April flavors, "Batter Up!"

J.P. Licks - Cake Batter

Who else serves up cake batter ice cream with brownie bits. We don't know about you, but our moms never made cakes with brownies in them. This was 100% ice cream realness. An awesome treat (that we would probably never order again). File it under too much of a good thing.

Boston was great. We have a lot more to say about our time there and the other stops on our journey. For now, we're planning our next adventure, which just might involve traveling to some sort of trivia competition. We have to show off our newly honed knowledge of history. What was the Boston Massacre? Easy. Who is James Otis? No problem.