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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

This Is a Blog That's (mostly) About Being Happy

NVR Guys

The other day we were talking about our blog with someone. She said: "Not everyone likes to travel." That statement reminded us that we've recently read a few things from people frustrated by travel bloggers/writers who think that traveling is the only way to enrich your life and to face fear. These critics get tired (quickly!) of the "life is a book and if you haven't traveled you've only read one page" mentality.

Some questions for your skeptical aunt at the holiday table (and others).

Question #1: Why do you want me to stick with the pack?

We agree a (very) little with those critics – there are travel peeps who like to play that card (big time). However, we think these critics are missing the real story. Rather than dissin' on travel bloggers for getting all "you have to go see the world" on everyone, examine why so many people are afraid to embrace a life – any kind of life – that will make them happier. Rather than getting pissed at the overly exuberant traveler, question why it's such a touchy subject for some people.

Our take is that people start to get uncomfortable when others start to do something – when they break away from the collective. Exploring the world represents shunning the pack. When someone starts to chase a passion, it reminds others how miserable and stuck they feel.

Question #2: Why do you get squirrely when I talk about travel/dreams?

Having said all that... The main point of this website/blog is not travel (but so what if it was). More than anything, we enjoy having this outlet as a way of chronicling what's going on. If we don't write about it, who will? Along the way, we hope to inspire readers to do more of whatever makes their hearts jump. That's where the title No Vacation Required comes in. You know... living a life such that a vacation seems unnecessary. Make sense?

So while we frequently have the urge to write non-stop about things like: renting a car for $4 a day, mastering Priceline and extracting maximum value from every single cent spent on travel, it's not the only thing we can do. Sure, it's easy and entertaining, but what does a $4/day rental car really matter to a certain type of reader if it just reminds him how stuck he is.

We're taking our message straight to the critics mentioned above.  We want you to be happy and to create your version of a NVR life. We want to focus on the reaction that these "know it all" travel and lifestyle bloggers are causing (and the "why" behind the reaction). That's the story worth talking about.

Question #3: Why can't you be happy – really happy?

Here's the truth... A lot of people aren't happy. Trust us, we know. Happiness-centric-stuff (in the world of Human Resources) is a big part of the work we do in order to live this NVR life.

Don't give us your "no one is happy all of the time" speech. We know that too. That's not the kind of happiness we're talking about. Good days and bad days are a reality. What we're talking about is the "happy" that really matters. The "happy" that makes some blogs' audiences cringe because they know they don't have it.

So, while we do want to get you revved up about seeing the world and having a big heart, we really want you to be happy. When you're happy, you've set the foundation for a NVR life. That is how it happened for us.

Stay tuned for exciting stuff coming in 2011.

What have you said/done that's 1) made you happy & 2) made friends/family react?