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Passports with Purpose - Build a Village (and Eat Pastries)

NVR Guys

When our neighborhood travel pals Beth, Pam and Meg gave us the 411 on their altruistic passion, Passports with Purpose (PwP), we couldn't wait to learn more. These three – along with the other two founders – started PwP back in 2008 guided by the belief that travel has the power to change the world. Pretty cool, right?! Giving back and travel are both big parts of what our No Vacation Required (NVR) lifestyle is all about. So, when we got the full scoop from these amazing women, we couldn't wait to join in.

Back in 2008, the PwP crew raised about $7500 for Heifer International. Last year, they blew past their goal and raised $30000 to build a school in Cambodia. This year, the plan is to raise $50000 in order to build a village (yep, a village) in rural India via a partnership with Friends of Lafti (LAFTI).

This is where we come in.

Lending a hand is simple. We're joining over 100 other bloggers who have all secured fantastic prizes. Blog readers (that's you) have the opportunity to check out the assortment of prizes. Then, for each $10 donation to LAFTI, you get entered into a drawing for the prize(s) of your choice. Simple.

This is where our prize sponsor comes in.

Bakery Nouveau Goodies (photo by Gale Reeves)

Perfection really does have a taste. If you live in Seattle, that taste is known as Bakery Nouveau. In addition to winning the 2005 World Cup of Baking Gold Medal, William Leaman, the owner, has secured so many "best" awards it'll make your head spin. You can have a peek at all of the accolades along with Bakery Nouveau's offerings.

In support of PwP, Bakery Nouveau is offering a $75 gift certificate that can be used for whatever tasty creations your heart desires. Their own website says it best:

Whether it’s chocolates, pastries, quiches, breads, pizzas, jams, or cakes, you’ll find they have one thing in common: They’re simply among the best you will ever taste.

Can you resist that? Didn't think so (and nor can we).

***UPDATE: Check out our latest prize from the Grand Hyatt Kauai.

This is where you come in.

Do you have $10 to spare?  Want the warm feeling that comes with giving back? Follow these steps:

  1. Head on over to the prize catalog / donation page.
  2. Select Bakery Nouveau's prize (and/or whichever strikes your fancy) and make your tax deductible donation via PayPal for a chance to win.
  3. Hold tight. Prize winners will be announced on December 17th.

Check out the PwP website for full details and shoot us an e-mail if you have questions or want our recommendations for the best Bakery Nouveau treats.  Trust us, we're experts.