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Traveling for Good

NVR Guys

It's time to start planning another advo-cation! You may remember, from our summertime journey to Wyoming, that – in addition to the regular giving back we try to do – we've added in a random component. So, on a quarterly basis, we draw a state (out of a hat) to which we head-out in order to encourage people to join in the fight to eradicate poverty.

We've just done the Q3 drawing. Alaska, here we come!{C}

A billion people hungry is a billion too many.

We're comfortably (and luckily!) settled into a "no vacation required" life – one where we get to do exactly what we want to each and every day. A big part of our motivation for building such a live has come from the people we've met around the world who are mired in poverty. They have to focus on surviving from day to day and don't have the luxury of living deliberately. We like to lend a voice on behalf of these people and try to live a full and mindful life in their honor.

When we were advocating in Washington DC, as part of the CARE International Conference, we learned that 1 in 6 people across the globe (well over 1 billion) are chronically hungry. That statistic got us all fired up because – in a world with so much wealth – no one should go without food. We also realized that many of these people are friends – our family in Zambia and the people we met while volunteering in South America.

We CAN end poverty by 2015.

This week, there's a big Summit in New York to discuss the progress that the world is making towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. These are the goals that focus on eradicating poverty, environmental sustainability and six other key initiatives. At the conference, world leaders will check in on our progress and discuss accelerating efforts in order to meet the 2015 targets. It can be done, and you can help:

Watch out Sarah Palin.

We were recently in Alaska to see the Northern Lights (a must-do for any travel enthusiast), but we'll happily figure out a way to get back up there in order to do some sort of advocating. We met a lot of receptive people in Wyoming, and we look forward to doing the same in Alaska.

We owe our voice to all of the people across the globe who don't have one.

What's your take on making a difference?  What are you doing to make the world a better place?