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No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

No Vacation Required: Hawaii Edition

NVR Guys

We recently finalized plans to be in Hawaii for a month - yep, a month - at the end of the year. We;ve been to a lot of places and spend a lot of time on the road.  For some reason, though, whenever Hawaii comes up, people get especially interested. Who can blame them? So, since we're fortunate to be able to head to Hawaii for a month, people are asking a lot of questions about how we're able to do it and how we created this No Vacation Required lifestyle in the first place. {C}

Of all the questions we’ve gotten - and continue to get - this one seems to come up the most:

Why did you decide to make such a huge change in your lives?

Conversations with new people often turns to our story and how we both left the corporate world in order to try out a new way of living. The first question is usually “what happened?”

As many times as we’ve gotten into this discussion with all sorts of people, we’re always surprised to hear that most people assume that a life-altering event was the precursor for the major shift in our world. People wonder if someone died or if, perhaps, one of us suffered a traumatic experience that made us rethink the meaning of life at a relatively young age. As interesting as it may make the story, nothing like that happened. (Unless, like us, you sometimes look at even being a part of the corporate world as a traumatic experience.)

Things really get interesting when we go on to talk with people about the reality of our decision - simply wanting to shed templated notions of what life is supposed to look like. Each of us has had a fairly robust contrarian streak throughout life. We tend to be the type of guys who question things and turn theories upside-down. Add to that the fact that - for us - traveling the world has been an unequivocal catalyst for new thinking. Over the last few years especially, we’ve grown increasingly aware of the fact that we’re all connected and that there’s more to life and the world than what’s right in front of any one of us.

The lesson? Shed thinking that keeps you moving with the pack. You can do whatever you want, so don't wait for a tragedy to rejigger your life.

Introducing Q & A with the NVR Guys

People enjoying hearing about our multiple personality travel, our attempts to give back along the way and our zig-zaggy life in general.  As we've been recently reminded, though, people are most interested in how we created our lifestyle.

So, we are going to kick off a new series of blog entries - Q & A with the NVR Guys - that will appear here every once in a while and will address the questions that we get asked most frequently. We'll be adding in a dedicated section, where we will get into topics such as:

  • What was happening in our lives before switching things up.
  • How we built a virtual business.
  • Steps we took to create a new life.
  • What our previous lives were like.

Back to Hawaii

Because people are also interested in how we pull our adventures together, we're going to try to be better about getting into the details of our planning process, finding deals, etc.

Airfare to Hawaii from Seattle has been quite soft for the last couple of years.  Plus, we use the Alaska Alaska airlines credit card to get $99 companion certificates.  At the end of the day, we're paying only $500 for both of us to get to Hawaii, round trip. We're in the final stages of securing a rental on Kauai for the month.  With the flailing economy, it's been easy to find extraordinary deals on rentals. We'll keep you posted on how that turns out.

Other than that, we starting to look into activities and trying to figure out how we'll be able to stay focused on work while in Kauai.  We love the virtual work we do as part of our awesome lifestyle equation, but the temptations of Hawaii are powerful. It's gonna take a heavy dose of concentration to keep our minds on business.

Any suggestions for what needs to go on our to-do list for Kauai? Please share your thoughts.