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No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Heading Home - Inspired and Motivated

NVR Guys

We're firmly entrenched in our "no vacation required" lifestyle.  We continue to move through life, trying to live each day exactly as we want to.  No regrets and, definitely, no later-in-life mentality. We love it and can't imagine being even a tiny bit happier. Although it's an enviable lifestyle for many, we still get our share of "what in the heck are you doing" comments. So, as we navigate this untraditional life we have going on, a little bit of inspiration is always welcome.

We got exactly that this last week as we enjoyed the Travel Blogger Show in Orlando.

Good humanity makes up for bad humidity.

We just knew we weren't gonna let Florida get away without mentioning that godforsaken humidity. It's not fun to be hot and wet at the same time - we don't care what you say.

Whew!  Now that that's off the chest, we can say that nothing could have dampened the awesome energy that so many bloggers and travel enthusiasts brought to the conference. We're gonna name names down the road, but - for now - suffice it to say that our world was significantly rocked by the magnitude of coolness we encountered.

Thanks for making Florida enjoyable.

Tandem World gets further defined and refined.

We leave Florida very motivated. We're ready to take our lives and Tandem World to the next level. Hanging around so many like-minded people for these few days, helped us to further define who we are and what people want to hear more about.

It's official, we're not the only people in the world who want to be multiple personality, delirious travelers. It seems everyone wants to travel more. More than that though, our fellow conference attendees confirmed that it's our lifestyle that people are most interested in.  The how behind the travel, the giving back and the zig-zaggy life we lead.

Lots of people travel. Not many people construct their lives the way we have. Note taken.

Some parting travel thoughts / tips.

Dear Global Travel Shield: You are blowing our mind with your efficiency. Yesterday, 1/2 of Tandem had the dreaded foot problem again, sending him to the doctor. I can't believe you've called twice just to check in and to see what further help we might need. Wow! (PS to readers: no cane this time.)

Dear Sea World Marriott: Please tell your housekeeping staff to refrain from acting like room cleaning is a bonus. Yes, we would like "service" today (insert cat sound). Why are you acting like we should give you a medal?

Dear Alamo: I don't know what water y'all are drinking but keep on drinking it. Your service gets better and better all the time. Travel Tip: We got our weeklong rental for just over $100 via CostCo. Not bad at all!  Then we applied a $50 Alamo e-deal certificate, which brought the rental down to only $50 (pre-tax). Smokin' deal. Sign up for e-deals folks.

Dear Alaska Air: I know we're not quite at "preferred" level but thanks for giving us our own row. By the way, quit passing out those horrible freebies. Who cares that there only 50 calories per packet.

Dear Disney: A one day "park-hopper" pass should not be $136.00. That's just wrong. Love the Tower of Terror though.

Dear Expedia: Every once in a while you are the best game in town. We jumped on one of your "book air & hotel together and save" deals and scored the Marriott for about $50 a night. No other site even came close to that deal. Travel Tip: Don't rule out consolidators such as Expedia; they can really deliver a deal.