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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

What Is It About Vegas?

NVR Guys

A people watcher’s paradise. It’s priceless to see what each visitor’s idea of  “cutting loose” looks like in Vegas. People dragging those yards-of-margarita everywhere they go is a crack up. So is the rapid-fire picture taking at every turn and the fascination tourists have with knickknacks.  Simple tubes of lip balm become amazing to people because they say “fabulous Las Vegas,” and “winning gummy bears” must actually bring luck the way they fly off of the shelves at Walgreen’s and CVS.

People blow money here, plain and simple. A woman next to us at a slot machine left her husband home in Maine to hang out with friends and slide $100 bills into the machine. Visitors want larger food portions and stronger drinks. We’ve seen buffet plates piled so high that it’s a miracle the owners can make it back to their seats.

Because of this – and despite how it might appear on the surface - Vegas is a difficult place to watch the budget.  In our experience, many come with the idea that they’ll make it inexpensive, but very few leave feeling like they achieved that goal. Part of this is due to the fact that Vegas is a tough place to be mindful.  Gravity pulls you swiftly in the direction of giving in to temptation.

This holds true at the airport, where we watched people robotically drop money in while waiting for their flights. One last high before heading home.