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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

We Really Are a Tandem World

NVR Guys

Recently, we were asked how we came up with the name Tandem World.  The name signifies multiple things, including our ability to explore the world as a couple. Most importantly, though, it speaks to the fact that we - as world citizens - are all in this together. We are seeking and deserve many of the same things – for instance, happiness, good health and to feel like we matter.  As we wrote about here, these are dreams we all share and they are simple – yet profound – goals that unite us. People who travel will likely understand that – as world citizens – we’ve got to have one-another’s backs and not be so afraid of those who are different. Unfortunately, it is increasingly clear that there are many who don’t believe this.  While listening to the news the other day, we heard another story about the proposed mosque near “Ground Zero.”  We were shocked to hear that over 60% of people polled said they disapproved of a mosque being built near the site.  Not only does it seem small-minded and xenophobic, it shocks us that in the US – a country largely founded on freedom of religion (and the politically untouchable freedom from religion) there are people that believe there is even room for this kind of nonsense.

It is just this kind of issue that makes us proud to say we travel the world.  We know that visiting different cultures and meeting all sorts of people urges us to be more open-minded and makes us much more tolerant.

What better gift than to be able to recognize our differences and still revel in what unites us.