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Spa Bliss + Food Bliss = Total Bliss

NVR Guys


Can I get an Ommm.

I promise, we're still going to get into the details of life here at Encore Las Vegas, part of the Wynn dynasty.  For now, though, I want to jump straight to the spa. It's beyond zen in every way.

As we got into in this post, most every resort has what's called a resort fee. Here in Vegas there's a lot of debate on the entire topic, as there seem to be very few hold-out resorts. Without a doubt, the resort fee is becoming ubiquitous. Here at Encore, the resort fee includes use of the fitness center, Internet access and a couple other piddly extras. We need Internet access to keep our virtual business afloat, and we try to be good about working out, so we can deal with the fee.

Yesterday, we decided to do an "add on" in order to use the spa's wet areas.  It's an additional 40 bucks a person - almost three times more than it used to be next door at Wynn - but worth a try if you're into relaxing and rejuvenating from this crazy city.

On the men's side you enter into a huge lounging area that looks like it could be on the cover of Architectural Digest. The design concept falls at the intersection of what you'd expect to find in a renowned professor's house, an antique collector's garage and a movie star's "guys den."  Here, you do get a touch of that "is it ok if I sit down" feeling.

Off of that room, you find a large locker room where the lockers are designed to look like luggage (high end, of course). Beyond that there's the requisite steam and sauna along with plunge pools and showers for every occasion.  As you'd expect, the music comes from a station that must be titled "bliss" and the lighting makes you want to snooze standing up.

I'm gonna say it....  Our experience rivals those top-notch moments we've had at Canyon Ranch over at the Venetian, and it's far better than any other spa experiences we've had across the city.  Aside from listening to guys blabber on and on about how awesome it feels to "sweat out the Maker's from last night," it's pretty perfect.

We walked out in such a zoned state, that grappling with reality was difficult.  $40 well spent.

Jump start the evening.

We were ready to jump back in to Vegas and weren't in the mood to get bogged down by a fussy meal. We wanted to get a quick, reasonably healthy bite in order to resume exploring. Not an uncommon motivation for us.

We've hear a lot about Earl of Sandwich so wanted to give it a shot.  (I know, I know....  from Encore to Earl of Sandwich.  See, we really are multiple personality travelers). Anyhow, we're not big fast food fans, and we try to be mostly vegetarian. Sometimes decisions like this can be tricky.  It was a smart move. We had a couple of veggie toasties loaded with feta, tomatoes, peppers, onions - all that good stuff.  We walked away having spent under $15.

If that place is the earl of sandwich than Capriotti's is the king.  The next time you are in Vegas, put it on your "must do" list and order The Bobbie. Oh my god is it good. In the low-cost arena, we also enjoy Grand Lux.  After you enjoy The Bobbie, top it off with one of Grand Lux's cinnamon rolls. Thank us later.

We like having cheap-eat finds in our hip pocket.  We make most purchase decisions based on value not on cost, so it's not as much about the money as it is about being mindful about it. It's that way across the board. That is why, for instance, staying at a place like Encore is well worth the extra money. You simply end up with so much more.

OK, back to exploring.  Rumor is that Paris Hilton has been running around.  First Tucker Carlson, now her. Frankly, we are not sure we like that company!?