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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

The Scoop – We’re (Officially!) Travel Writers

NVR Guys

Since we started writing about our new life a few years back, we've met up with a lot of cool people who've taken an interest in our take on life/travel. Because of our inconsistent web presence (due to more website problems/crashes than I care to remember), we've lost track of a lot of those people along the way. It's been frustrating to not be able to cultivate those connections. Well, we recently got contacted by a big travel website with an exciting offer. We learned that, via one of those previous connections and a serendipitous friend-of-a-friend moment, we were recommended as perfect travel writers for one of their projects. For what, you ask?

We're heading to Vegas!

The project requirements are minimal. We are going to be writing about our experiences in Vegas. We have complete freedom to: 1) do what we want and 2) write about whatever moves us. Also, we can say anything - good or bad - where #2 is concerned. Not bad.

What's the catch?  Nothing, really. And, since we're already overwhelmed being multiple personality travelers with a virtual business, we put quite a bit of thought into taking this whole thing on. Add to that the fact that - in our quest to be mindful of giving back - we've recently hum started our altruist efforts and are nearly unhinged in our desire to be a voice for the billion+ people who are chronically hungry across the globe.

So, the deal is, we have to stay at the amazing (just kidding!) Aria Resort. Even so, we can still write whatever we want to about it.  Side note...  Staying there will actually be a good experience because - despite the fact that we're sort of Vegas regulars - we have never stayed there.  In other words, we've had enough experience with Vegas hotels to have a basis for strong, balanced critiques, but we'll be able to experience Aria with a completely fresh, unbiased perspective.

This was just thrown our way, so we're still hammering out the details. Stay tuned because we'll also be blogging about our experiences here.

Oh, and we leave this weekend.