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Did We Really Have Deep Fried Mac 'n Cheese?

NVR Guys

Read on for another of our installments direct from Vegas. Warning: you will get hungry just reading. Someone call an ambulance, please.

We have a new entry for our on-going list of outstanding food moments: mac 'n cheese bites with truffle dipping sauce. Yep, we had those babies at Society here at Encore Las Vegas. The word unfreakenbelievable comes to mind just thinking of them. They are squares of mac 'n cheese breaded and deep fried.  As if that's not enough to get your heart pumping (or stopped), you have truffle sauce for optional dipping. Chewy. Cheesy. Crispy.

Finding good food in Vegas certainly isn't difficult.  It's actually painful to have to decide exactly what restaurant you may want to try. This reality creates a bit of a conundrum for Tandem World because we 1) love food and 2) have to remember that - with our life - we're always on the road so can't be eating at Bartolotta - or even Olive Garden - every night.

What to do?

In deciding where to go last evening, the only thing we knew is that we wanted to stay here in the Wynn/Encore empire. We saw that Society has a happy hour, so we figured we'd start there. As is the case anytime you walk into any venue here in the empire, Society blows you away with its sleek decor. It's amusing to look around seeing that no one can contain their awe.

Parched and hungry from the day's sunshine, we scoot right up to the bar and give into our server's suggestion that we let her make us a couple of watermelon mojitos. We're glad we gave in. They were refreshing, potent and flavorful. Best of all, they struck that perfect not-to-sweet note. In addition to the m&c, we ordered a couple other things off of the happy hour menu - meatballs with caramelized onions and tomato/horseradish dipping sauce and swanky pigs in a blanket accompanied by smokey ketchup.

Look, we only claim to be mostly vegetarian so give us a break. Plus, did you read those descriptions?  Would you be able to resist?  Didn't think so.

At that point, we realized we were full and wouldn't need much more food.  We selected one more item off of the happy hour menu - flatbread pizza - and called it good.  Oh, and for the record, the pizza was veggie (and outstanding!).

We couldn't have been happier. We enjoyed stellar service along with remarkable food. Best of all, we were able to do it all at happy hour prices. $60 total. Was it Craftsteak (the best meal we've ever had in Vegas)? No. But it wasn't too far off either.

The dream continues.

Stuffed and happy, we made our way to the other side of the empire to catch Le Reve, the long-running Cirque like show. We were curious about what we were in for, because we had heard that - when it first opened years ago - it was "darker" and had to be lightened up so that people wouldn't have night terrors.

We loved it.  Having been to a bunch of shows here in Vegas, we were thoroughly impressed and thought it compared favorably. It's more random and thought-provoking than Mystere, and - in many ways - has an even more "grand" feel than the mind-bending Ka. More than anything, though, we thought it had a nice balance. Intimate yet sweeping. What's more, every seat in the theater is outstanding and the performers couldn't be easier on the eyes (or maybe that's the watermelon mojitos talking).

Off to the fitness center to pay the price for those m&c bites.