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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Details, Details - Writing About Travel

NVR Guys

We just got back from Las Vegas and the final report card is in. The trip was attached to our official travel writing gig. We try to live deliberately; for us, a big part of what that means is seeing as much of the world as we can while we can. Needless to say, this writing gig fit us like a hand in a glove. Plus, as part of our rejiggered life, we make a living - virtually - by doing a lot of writing. Double score, right?

Please hold while I deflate the balloon a little.

We're not gonna lie.  Writing can be tough.  We do a lot of it, to be sure, but crafting quality work can be really time consuming.  On this assignment, we had to focus on details. We're both intrigued by the intricacies of things, but details can be a rough thing to have to focus on. Was the spa $40 or $45?  Were the walls yellow or gold? Would you call that ranch dressing or garlic ranch dressing? What was the name of that manager?  You get the idea.

Having this website to write more informally about our experiences has always been a nice respite. It's refreshing to have a space to be a bit more off-the-cuff. Remembering just how nice it is, made us long for the extensive writing we did In South America and Africa (and lost in subsequent web crashes). To have a place to put memories really is priceless and , actually, sparks some appreciation for the details we've had to tend to in our recent assignment.

What was that thing I told you to remind me to remember?

We're also fortunate to have each other as we roam the world and pursue the things we are passionate about. Especially given everything we try to squeeze into a typical day. Either one of us alone on this assignment would have been a mess. It's beneficial to have a co-notetaker and someone else who can pay attention when the other just can't bear the thought of remembering and/or jotting down one more detail. You should have heard how many times "you were supposed to remember that" sorts of statements came up.  Oh, we can laugh now.

We're back at home-base, finishing up the assignment and catching up on some of our "real" work before jumping directly into what's next. First off, though, we have to lean into ironing out some of our giving back pursuits and other things that help us feel grounded. Yes, it's a fact that we're semi-addicted to that overwhelmed feeling, but we also need some calm to support all of the expansion. Going from the extreme of camping to the other extreme (Vegas), was a true test of flexibility.

Back to writing.

By the way, have you signed the petition, lending your voice of support to the 1 billion + hungry people in the world? I just takes a second so get on it!