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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

That Great “Overwhelmed” Feeling

NVR Guys

There it is (see picture) - all of the stuff we had to get cleaned up and put away after our Summer 2010 Roadtrip. Looking at the piles we felt overwhelmed at times. Probably because - after that much camping - we were over it, big time. It seemed overwhelming. Ever since the big life deconstruction a couple of years ago, we can tend to get that overwhelmed feeling a lot.  Who knew that leaning into such a heavy dose of uncertainty and completely remodeling our world would lead us to actually chase a fair amount of uncertainty.  The randomness/uncertainty that we can now tend to embrace (because of the incredible things it can lead to) can also bring on that overwhelmed feeling that I guess we have a bit of a love/hate relationship with.

So....  In this case, it's no fun to look at the room with crap strewn everywhere, but we love what it represents: another thing we set out to do and then did. Life in our world can tend to move very fast.  When people ask "what have you been up to?" sorts of questions, we often feel tongue tied. Where to begin? Living deliberately can seem to be, at times, our only fleshed out focus. Sometimes what we do within the realm of living deliberately can appear kinda zig-zaggy.

Yesterday, someone - wanting to make a plan with us - asked where we'd be in a couple of months. I didn't know what to say. It still feels strange that we have a life where we can make a living from anywhere, allowing us to do the things we love whenever we want to. We tend to know and focus on exactly the kind of life we want have  - where we used to set vacation dates, we now set the intention and see what happens.

Oddly, when we're here at home-base, we thrive on a bit of a routine: mostly healthy food, fitness, pretty early to bed, etc. I think that's what gives us balance and fuels us to seek out the other side of the dichotomy.