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Summer 2010 Road Trip – Recap

NVR Guys

We regularly fall into the classic trap of forgetting about all of the great things we "swear we'll remember and write about" when we get home. When we're on the road - and even at our homebase - it seems like we can gravitate towards moving at break-neck speed, forgetting to jot things down along the way. In our defense, though, I guess we don't like to get distracted from the experience at hand (oh...  I like looking at it that way). So, here it is.... Some random wrap-up thoughts on our big summer '10 road trip adventure to Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park:

  • We are most proud of the fact that we kicked off our advo-cation initiatives with a bang. We were happy to spread the word about poverty (1 billion + hungry people) as we did our thing throughout the road trip.
  • As most of you know, part of a simple, deliberate life - for us - means no car. Our friends at the Alamo counter upgraded us for free because we were extra nice and mentioned that we were hoping to get a car that facilitated a lot of camping gear. Here's the end result of that interaction. Not a bad free upgrade. Plus, rental counter experiences can be so bad, that we wanted to mention having had such a good one. (Plus we watched the two people at the counter get ragged on by unreasonable customers. Be nice, people!)
  • Jumping off on our adventure, we had to take a sleep break half way between the west coast and the Grand Tetons. We got a room at Hyatt Place for about 50 bucks and were very impressed. Nice vibe, free breakfast, free wireless. A nice way to start.
  • The Cascade Canyon Trail in Grand Teton is one of the best hikes we've ever had. It is gorgeous.
  • A favorite stop in Yellowstone was the Grand Prismatic Spring area. We were in awe.
  • Thanks to the Recovery and Reinvestment Act of '09, we saw major improvements happening across all of the parks, especially Yellowstone.
  • We work wherever we are. Internet access is very important. Considering we were in National Parks, we had pretty good luck. In the Tetons, they even had wireless access at one of the Visitor Centers. In Glacier, access wasn't as developed. It was tough to find and expensive.
  • A campsite at Rising Sun in Glacier Park, rocks our world. What a view.
  • Glacier continues to surprise us. Cracker Lake was a well-worth-it reward for this 12 mile (round trip) hike. That says a lot, especially since you have to hike through over a mile of horse dung and a place that we called "worm alley" in order to get there.
  • This hike, however, was about the journey AND the destination. The Cobalt Lake trail is one we would do again.
  • For almost the middle of nowhere, this place has Mexican food that we love. Try the nachos and the veggie delight. We will go every single time we were in Glacier Park.  Wait a second... I take that back. We've also said that about this awesome pie place, and we didn't get there this time around (despite the fact that we drove by it about 10 times). Next time, for sure.
  • We popped up to Waterton Park (Glacier's sister park in Canada) on "Parks Day" - free entry for all.

That's probably enough for now, other than to say that was a fantastic road trip. It was also a lot of camping and a lot of miles, so we're happy to be back at home base.