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Glacier National Park

NVR Guys

We don't get into "bests" very much.  Everything is its own journey and cool in its own way. BUT...  Glacier National Park holds a special place in our hears so we happily throw around superlatives whenever we talk about it.  We just wrapped up another great visit to Glacier/Waterton.  Each time we are there, we try to delve into a new set of experiences while - at the same time - revisiting some of our favorites.  It's getting tough to squeeze it all in.

A couple years ago we lucked out and secured what we would start referring to as "our" campsite in Glacier.  We weren't deterred (at all!)  by the fact that the odds of getting the same site in subsequent years - in a national Park - are painfully low.  When we showed up this year, "our" site  was astoundingly vacant.  Our visit was off to a perfect start.

There's lots to get into. For now, check out the associated picture of Cracker Lake - the end point of one of our hikes.  The water is an incredible milky blue due to "glacial flour" (whatever the hell that is). It reminded us of the kind of water we saw in Iceland. We couldn't believe our eyes.

The end-result of that hike is a lot like life. A few miles off the beaten path on a brand new hike, we ran into this lake whose beauty will stick with us forever. The same holds true with life...  We find that if you bother to try something new and lean into a fair amount of uncertainly, you're usually amazed at what surfaces.