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No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Where Are We Off To Next?

NVR Guys

We recently decided to ramp-up our giving backs efforts.  Ever since attending the CARE conference in DC and learning that 1 billion+ people are without food, we're eager to supersize our efforts to get the word out about the importance of eradicating poverty. So - because we already do a healthy amount of advocating and traveling - we wanted to add a random component to the mix. Something that get's us to places that we might not ordinarily go to.

Here's the plan... Quarterly, we're randomly drawing places to which we will take advo-cations. Yearly, we're drawing a place to head for a help-cation.

What's our first selection for an advo-cation?  Wyoming.

We're focused on being mindful of our ability to live exactly the life we want - to live deliberately each and every day.  It's exciting to push ourselves to get to places that might not be on our radar (such as Wyoming!).

We're not putting constraints around our advo-cations. For instance, it doesn't matter when we go or what we do to spread the word. We're eager to put this one together in a hurry, though, because we actually want to make it happen very soon.

It's worth it. About 1 in 6 people in our world are chronically hungry; we're anxious to lend our voice to their cause.

Please join in and sign the virtual petition, proclaiming that you are one of the 1 billion Internet users acknowledging the 1 billion hungry.

Back to planning for Wyoming.

Oh, and - as part of this journey - we just might drop by Rexburg, Idaho to see what's going on. It'd be interesting to see what "the most conservative city in America" has in store for us.