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Motivated by 1 Billion

NVR Guys

A billion is a huge number. It becomes an even bigger number when you consider that over a billion people in the world - about 1 in 6 - are chronically hungry. That fact makes hunger the number one risk to health world-wide. Stats like this get us bent out of shape and make us want to fight harder to defend people who have no voice. People who are treated as though they are invisible. Join us and add your voice to the cause!

We've been thinking about that huge number, 1,000,000,000 hungry,  a lot since reading about it on the World Food Programme site and attending CARE International's Conference in DC. We heard the 1 in 6  statistic as we were getting prepared to advocate on Capitol Hill. It certainly ignited the necessary fire within us as we were stepping into meetings with members of Congress about eradicating poverty.

We've been on quite a journey over the last few years and have learned a lot about human suffering and the gigantic inequities that exist around the globe. You'd think that we'd be sort of immune to the shock of these mind-bending realities. Ever since our view of the world was forever changed by visiting Africa, though, it seems that these sobering statistics get more and more difficult for us to accept. When we're reminded of the hunger that exists in the world, we think of the community we visited in Zambia. To us, those people are the face of overwhelming statistics - a way to make "a billion" seem more real.

More than anything, though, we think of the hope that exists among so many of the marginalized citizens of the world.  We saw some crazy stuff when we volunteered in a slum in Ecuador... things people shouldn't have to worry about - parasites, undrinkable water, malnutrition, etc. Despite that, the English classes we taught were packed with people striving for a better life. We had to turn ambitious people away. Talk about eye opening.

So... A billion hungry people have us inspired to keep at it, so we are already making plans for 2010 and 2011. Check out our Giving Back page for details on what we have in mind and updates regarding what's next, including...

  • New plans for advo-cations and help-cations.
  • A return visit to Mexico. Part of our recent journey to Mexico was about checking out a couple of charities that we have had our eyes on. We're eager to get back to help out in some way.

We're still figuring things out as we go along, as you'll see when you poke around the site. Despite that, this slice of the web is a place where we honor the fact that we have the ability to live deliberately - to live our dream life every day. We want to empower others who are able (that's you!) to do the same and use our voice to enable the disadvantaged to move closer and closer to a life of opportunity.

Have you considered how you might be able to give back to the world?

The picture, below, was taken at the FDR memorial in DC.  If you get to DC, be sure to check it out. By reading the quote, you can tell FDR was wise.