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No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

We Still Have Semi-Dressy Clothes

NVR Guys

Even though we work virtually, we can still manage to drum up some khakis for special occasions. In this picture, we're waiting for our meeting in Senator Murray's office. As we wind up a jam-packed week here in DC, we head back to Seattle even more inspired than we were when we arrived. Coming here as advocates for the world's disenfranchised, was a far better experience than we could have imagined. Experiences such as this fuel us to keep living the life we are living.  One that focuses on unity rather than fragmentation.

In a continued effort to be better about touching on some of the details of our travel (hotels, food, how we afford it, etc...), here is some other info about our visit....

-Hotels in DC are so expensive that it really is unbelievable.  What did we do?  We jumped on Priceline and decided to go with an Arlington Hotel across the river.  We were only 2 metro stops from the heart of DC, and the hotel had a free shuttle to the airport.  Oh, and I have to mention that for $71 a night we had a wonderful room with a view of DC (Washington Monument, Capitol Hill).

-In an effort to stay as healthy as possible on the road, we make it a point to continue our workout routine and to eat sensibly (as much as is reasonable).  We'll go out of our way to be sure that we have fruit/vegetable intake - often stopping by grocery stores for meals.  Of course, we are always sure to get a solid grip on the food scene in any city, but we try to do that wisely as well.  For example, we went to Art Smith's restaurant for happy hour, and we went to the booming Good Stuff Eatery for lunch one day.  Being lover's of the Obamas, we had the Michelle melt.

-As you probably know, we work when we're on the road - usually having a long morning session and a shorter late afternoon / evening session.  Here at our DC hotel, we had free wireless Internet access in the lobby, so we were able to save a lot of money - about $100 - by working down there.

-For the most part, we feel like the best experiences come from wandering around and seeing what locals do and how they live.  We like to cover a lot of territory.  Being back in DC, we got to visit our favorite Memorial as part of a larger walk.   Great, FREE activity.

Those are just a few of the things.  We set a (tight) budget before we hit the road, and we're usually able to stick to it; we'll go out of our way to stick to it.  It's the only way we can follow our passion and afford it!