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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Gotta Love New York

NVR Guys

When our sister said she'd love to get to New York, we jumped on the chance to go join her. After all, we had a fantastic time there last year, and we ended up combining it with a journey to Washington DC (urging our leaders to fight poverty - more on that down the road).{C} We spent a lot of time just running around - no surprise in New York.  A selfishly favorite moment was introducing her to the Shake Shack experience.  Other accomplished "must-dos" included trekking across the Brooklyn Bridge and having pizza.

A couple of evenings were spent at shows.  We revisited Next to Normal (it won a Pulitzer) and also decided to check out the new Promises, Promises (which is part of quite a dust-up in the media). Both of these musicals are well worth seeing if you ever get the chance.  We hear that N2N is starting a national tour.  Don't miss it if it swings through your town.

So, NYC is done, and we're exhausted.  Between all of our exciting activities, we were squeezing in as much work as possible. We aren't trust fund kids, so we have to support our dream life somehow. We're incredibly lucky to have a virtual business that we enjoy and that inspires others. When we're this stretched, we have to remind ourselves of this!

We have no time to rest, though, because we are off to DC.  We'll be joining other Care International supporters on a mission to defend the dignity of less fortunate people around the world. Just where we love to put our energy.

We'll be back with an update from DC.

Oh....  For people who always ask us "where do you stay" and "where do you eat"....   we wouldn't be doing our NYC getaway justice if I didn't mention staying here (surprisingly great), having outstanding pie here and here, and a super meal here.