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Advocating on the Hill

NVR Guys

We were in DC a couple of years ago to run around like mad men and to do every tourist activity imaginable.  This year we're in DC to be a part of Care International's 2010 National Conference. Learn all about their work here. We've had our eye on Care for a few years now.  The time we have spent in Africa and South America opened our eyes to a lot of things (as you can read about all over this blog).  That's why we're big on the benefits of education and the necessity of nutrition for all.  There's another biggie, though, that we don't talk about often enough.  It's that your best bet - in terms of charitable dollars - is with women and girls. Empowered women have a history of making money and opportunity stretch further.  That's one reason why we sponsor a girl (and her family) in Zambia.  It's also the reason why we funded a business for her mother to oversee.

Which brings us to the here and now.  Care's primary purpose is to defend dignity and to fight poverty.  They do a lot of their work via women and girls. It's a perfect match for our passion and for what we've learned in the field.

So we're here in DC to meet with like-minded people, to learn all about what's up in the fight to eradicate poverty and, finally, to take our message directly to our Reps and Senators on Capitol Hill. We are fired up about what's going on and can't wait to dig in.  The only problem is that it's May in DC - hotter than hell - and we have to dig out the dress-up clothes.