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Maui - What's Not To Love?

NVR Guys

After an epic block of time on remote, peaceful Lanai, we were a little apprehensive about Maui.  Being packed on an island with a load of other tourists is something we usually try to avoid.  We’ve always been intrigued by the Hawaiian islands, though, and – after our brief stay in November - became especially eager to do some more exploring on new-to-us islands. I should mention, too, that a big part of our reticence surrounding Maui had to do with the fact that we were slated to stay on what’s known as the busiest part of the island.  We’ll try anything, though, as long as it aligns with our goals and dreams.  In this case – as is often the case – we found a great deal.  Actually, this deal was a deal among deals.  We don’t often glom onto package-y travel deals (because so much of the superfluous add-ons don’t suit us), but this one was perfect. We landed an ocean front room (all taxes / fees included), daily breakfast, car rental and an activity credit as part of our package.

As was the case on Lanai, we were particularly excited to explore and hike. Bottom line – we loved it.  On day one, we suffered from collective mild depression because we realized that we would hardly be able to scratch the surface of the island.  We sat on our balcony and tried to figure out how to fit everything in.  On that day, we decided that we’d be back, so we bit off what made sense and decided to leave the rest for our return.

Our life on Maui: We...

-spent a day roaming around our part of the island and the associated beaches

-rented kayaks and found ourselves surrounded by huge sea turtles

-went on a hike along the top of a ridge (that felt like we were in the Himalayas)

-drove the road to Hana

-checked out nearly every beach of note on the island.