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Being Temporary Vegans (or… Who Stole Our Cheese)

NVR Guys

Yesterday was the last day of our month long run as vegan (and our month long run doing the "Insanity" workout in addition to keeping up with running).  The 4 weeks definitely had rough patches - mainly because that's a long time to go with a whole new view on saturated fat. In our case, it was the absence of cheese that was an absolute killer.  No milk = no problem, no eggs = pretty easy. It was thoughts of cheese that kept getting us in a knot over the whole experience.  Those same thoughts are also what will keep us from embracing veganism full time.  That, and the need for a chocolate chip cookie from time to time.

This past month - looking at product labels for traces of dairy - our eyes got opened (more widely than ever) to the reality of the junk that is in the food that we consume as Americans.  In general, we're pretty nutritionally sound on a day to day basis.  Taking a close look at "convenience" food, though, we were blown away to see just how horrible many of them are.  Actually, they aren't even really food; it seems like much of it is just manufactured to be like food.

This is fairly common knowledge, especially if you've seen Food, Inc.  That's a great movie that gets into this very thing and the overall impact that much of our food system has on our health, the environment and the economy.  I guarantee that it will change your relationship with food.  It sure did on our end.

So, we may not have too many vegan days in our future, although we'll have a lot more than we used to.  We've cut out beef / chicken / pork / fish 90% of the time; there's no reason we can't make a dent in dairy consumption as well.  The biggest learning from our little vegan experiment is that we've gotta be mindful of the food we eat in general.  We're going to hit the "pause" button every time we reach for a quick serve item on the shelves.

Time to take off for the final milestone of the experiment.  We're having our cholesterol checked to see what impact our program has had.  We're eager to bump up our numbers today with the baseline numbers we have on hand.  More on that latter.