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January - Four Free Days & Four Weeks Vegan

NVR Guys

It's been a long time. We got back from our little getaway where - for the first time in about a year and a half - we didn't work while on the road.  As we got into in a previous post, we wanted some time to recharge without having our attention going in too many directions. We also needed some bona fide down time in order to figure out how the year ahead may shape up. We've been doing the "uncertainty" thing in terms of scheduling, so we want to operate with a bit more of a plan.{C}

The result? Being away and letting go of work wasn't as tough as we thought it might be. Unrealistically exceeding our clients' expectations usually takes control, and we end up working much more diligently than is necessary. This time, though, we just looked at e-mail a few times and put everything else off, as planned. Our minds were free to look at the year ahead, but, honestly, we didn't even do much of that.

So, we didn't figure much out, but we did decide to keep things closer to home - at least during the first part of the year. Originally, we were going to head back to South America pretty early on in. Brazil has been grabbing our interest lately, but it can wait. This year, we celebrate 10 years since getting married (as married as two guys can get) in Costa Rica. We want to celebrate this anniversary by doing something as chill as possible and by slowing down a bit. We aren't 100% sure what that is, but it won't be exploring a far off place at breakneck speed. There's lots of time for that.

In other big news, we are in the middle of a 4 week vegan experiment. We're pretty comfortably settled into being vegetarian, so we've wondered what it would be like to be vegan. We're two weeks in, and it feels very good.  Going without milk, eggs, butter and cheese can be grueling (particularly the cheese part). Yesterday, we went to an all vegetarian/vegan restaurant here in Seattle. We thought it might help to get a boost from like minded people who could help us take our mind off of pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Just typing that makes my mouth water.

Anyhow...  We show up at the restaurant, and the first thing that our server - our server at an all veg/veg restaurant! - says is that he can't imaging not eating meat. Then the guy sitting next to us goes out of his way to talk about the merits of bacon and how he can't imagine not eating eggs each and every day. He then put an exclamation point behind this statement by running his fork through the fluffy scrambled eggs on his plate. Balloon popped.

Despite these temptations - and the lack of a cheering squad - we loved our meal. We had an incredible vegan cinnamon roll and vegan biscuits and gravy. I had to pop in the word "vegan" twice because how in the world do you make those two items vegan without compromising the taste?!

We're happy we're doing this experiment, and we'll see what happens after the final two weeks. We're coupling this with a new workout regimen, so we may be out of our minds by the time it's all over.

Stay tuned.